AIM Physical Therapy Goes Above and Beyond to Provide Their Patients With Outstanding Care

puyallup physical therapy
Rhonda Boyle (center) stands with the AIM Physical Therapy team after her knee replacement.


By Margo Greenman

puyallup physical therapy
Rhonda Boyle (center) stands with the AIM Physical Therapy team after her knee replacement.

Going to the doctor isn’t something you typically look forward to. In fact, most people dread it. But whether you like it or not, sometimes a trip to the doctor’s office is unavoidable. When the time comes for something as simple as a routine check-up or as complicated as open heart surgery, you want to know that your health is in good hands.

When Rhonda Boyle needed a total knee replacement, she knew her procedure was going to be especially involved. Not because there were outlying health factors that could complicate her surgery, but because she was going to have to temporarily relocate. Boyle lives in Oregon, but her family lives in Washington. Knowing she would need assistance during her recovery she decided to schedule her surgery and post-surgery physical therapy in Pierce County so that she would be able to stay with her sister while she recovered.

Once Boyle’s employer approved her time-off request, she began scheduling her appointments. She noticed that Kurt Moss of AIM Physical Therapy was a preferred provider under her insurance policy and decided to schedule her post-surgery physical therapy at AIM’s Puyallup, Wash., office. However, Boyle soon found out that her insurance plan did not cover out of state physical therapy care costs. Having already introduced herself to Moss, Boyle was looking forward to receiving her post-surgery care at AIM’s Puyallup office. Impressed by Moss and his team, Boyle decided she would pay the cost out of pocket.

Boyle began physical therapy just a few days after her surgery.  She was impressed with each therapist and staff member she met. “Each of the therapists helped me with my progress,” she explains. “They take a really holistic approach. They’re always working to help their patients get the best possible result. AIM exceeded all of my expectations. They were encouraging and helped me get excited about my recovery.”

Boyle says her recovery was quick and successful thanks to AIM’s skilled and caring staff. Beyond helping her recover from her surgery, AIM also taught her beneficial skills that would help her correct more than 20 years of compensated movement that was causing her additional mobility discomfort.

puyallup physical therapy
Lynn Bury is a Physical Therapy Assistant in the Puyallup office of AIM Physical Therapy.

Moss says working with Boyle was a great experience for him and his staff. “Boyle came with such a great attitude. She fit right in with our team in the Puyallup office. She would often comment that ‘we were like family’ in the clinic. She was motivated to get better and was very much self-directed in the home exercise program that we designed for her.   Because of her motivation and desire to get better, she quickly advanced through our total knee replacement program and training,” says Moss.

Boyle says if she hadn’t had her sister and family’s support during her recovery, rehabilitation would have been very difficult. “With my sister’s care and the great team at AIM Physical Therapy, I felt supported. Everyone at AIM made me feel welcome and they all cared about my progress.”

In addition to providing Boyle with outstanding care and a quick recovery, Moss also created a payment plan that accommodated Boyle’s budget, reducing the financial stress of paying for her care out of pocket.

It has been a few months since Boyle’s surgery and physical therapy treatment and she is now back home in Oregon, has returned to work, and enjoys more comfortable mobility than she did prior to her surgery and physical therapy treatment. While her physical therapy sessions with AIM has come to an end, she says that she is going to have another total knee replacement done on her other leg, and when the time comes, she will schedule her physical therapy treatment with Moss and his team.

Moss and his knowledgeable staff believe that, “Quality of movement leads to quality of life,” which is why AIM Physical Therapy is committed to providing each of their patients with personalized care that yields fast and successful results. With three locations across Pierce County in DuPont, Puyallup and Tacoma, there is an AIM Physical Therapy office near you that can help you on your way to a more comfortable life. For more information about AIM Physical Therapy, their services and locations, visit their website here.


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