Feeling Green? Don’t Replace Your Carpet, Clean It

In addition to great customer service, Steve Short also uses the highest quality equipment.

As the global population continues to grow and landfills become piled high with garbage, people have taken it upon themselves to be less wasteful. Maybe you started a backyard compost or choose to only shop second hand. Whatever lifestyle changes you’ve made to be more green, the environment thanks you. Unfortunately, living a completely waste-free life is nearly impossible. Sure, you can donate unwanted items to the Goodwill and pledge to only purchase recyclables, but if you live in a house with carpet, there will come a time when it needs to be replaced and hauled to the dump – or maybe not.

Steve Short of A Steve’s Professional Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning has been cleaning commercial and residential carpets for more than 30 years. With this level of experience, Steve has seen — and cleaned — just about everything.

If you want to help decrease your carbon footprint, Steve recommends having your carpet cleaned professionally before throwing up your hands and tearing it out. Chances are, he can clean up even your biggest mess.

Outfitted with a state of the art truck-mounted rotary machine, Steve relies on extremely hot water, biodegradable cleaning supplies and the finest equipment available to breathe new life into your carpet.

To keep your carpet looking fresh, Steve recommends having your carpet cleaned at a minimum of once per year and as often as once every quarter. Additionally, Steve says vacuuming your carpet regularly in between professional cleanings is an easy way to prolong the lifespan of your carpet.

No carpet lasts a lifetime, but most can last longer than they do if you take the simple steps necessary to preserve the quality and cleanliness of your carpet.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact A Steve’s Professional Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning online or call 360-701-9544.



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