SouthSoundTalk Sports Writers Share Stories About Local Athletes

Bellarmine boys basketball
Many student athletes share SouthSoundTalk stories with prospective college coaches and admission officers. The articles detail who the student is beyond just their highlight reel. employs two sports writers who capture the essence of a high school student athlete’s accomplishments. They actively seek out stories from coaches, athletic directors, administrators and teammates. In each article, Grant Clark and Gail Wood introduce the community to a student-athlete or a small group of players that are making an impact.

“We cover sports in a different fashion than traditional media,” explains editor Margo Greenman. “Instead of box scores and last night’s game highlights, we are talking about the players and what they are accomplishing both on and off the field.”

Tacoma Boxing Club
Grant Clark writes about local sports for SouthSoundTalk. His favorite story is one he shared about the Tacoma Boxing Club.

Grant Clark has covered local sports for 20 years. “What I love about writing for SouthSoundTalk is the connection that we have to the community,” he says. “These are stories for and about the people who live here.”

“In regards to writing, the sporting aspects have always been second compared to meeting with the individuals involved,” Clark says. He references a story about the Tacoma Boxing Club as an example. “The Tacoma Golden Gloves has an incredible tradition, dating back nearly 70 years, making it one of the longest-running amateur tournaments in the nation. Coach Mustin, the members of the Tacoma Athletic Club and many others put in countless hours to provide something positive for the youths in the community.”

Gail Wood also has an extensive history of sharing sports stories with the greater Pierce County community.

“Through SouthSoundTalk, I get to talk with people in the community and share their stories,” says Wood. “Each story is an opportunity to bring attention to a person’s accomplishment, giving the community an opportunity to say ‘nice job’ or ‘thank you.’”

The Tacoma Baptist boys soccer team thanks their fans following the Crusaders’ 1-0 victory over Crosspoint in the 1B/2B State semifinals.
SouthSoundTalk writers cover sports differently than traditional media.

Clark adds, “This is a remarkable place and SouthSoundTalk showcases the passion of the community. The stories highlight real people who are making a difference. These are stories that can inspire others that would otherwise wouldn’t be told.”

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