Submitted by Pat Nagle

Twenty-two years ago, September of ‘97, Harmon Brewing Co. opened their doors for business in downtown Tacoma. After a few weeks in business, it occurred to them that they ought to throw a party at some point. With their outdoor, mountaineering themed brewpub, they decided to throw a pre-ski season party to get ready for the winter sessions on the mountain.

This November 8 Harmon Brewing Co. will be hosting their 22nd Annual Pray for Snow Party which always takes place the Thursday before Warren Miller Films comes to Tacoma and plays the Pantages Theater (this year in the Rialto Theater).

For weeks prior to the party, Harmon Brewing Co. gathers up a ton of snow gear to raffle off and raise money for local charities. This party dates to when K2 was still manufacturing skis on Vashon Island and Harmon owner Pat Nagle would take the truck out to the factory and loan up on skis, snowboards, in-line skates and other SWAG to raffle off for local charities!

“With K2 no longer here locally, it’s a bit more effort to gather up enough SWAG to make sure everyone that shows up leaves with something, but it’s fun getting the local community involved to give a little something for such great causes”, said Pat Nagle, Harmon Brewing Co’s founder.

This year Tree House – a place for families will be the primary beneficiary receiving the proceeds from the raffle. Tree House provides a home away from home for families with children hospitalized at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital and at Tacoma General Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The housing facility enables families to remain close and participate in their child’s care. Tree House offers communal living and support that brings a sense of community, giving families the increased ability to cope with a difficult situation and decreasing their feelings of isolation.

Another non-profit near and dear to the Harmon is SheJumps – they will also benefit from the money raised. SheJumps mission is to increases the participation of women and girls in outdoor activities; to foster confidence, leadership, and connection to nature and community through free and low-cost outdoor education.

Sponsors: Warren Miller Films, White Pass Ski Area, Whitakker Mountaineering, Rainier Mountaineering, Crystal Mountain, Sturtevant’s/Ski Mart Tacoma, Forty Below, K2, Mt Bachelor, Bleach Tacoma, Stocklist, Hotel Murano, DB Longboards, Stor-a-Ski and Heritage Distilling. These sponsors make it all happen and everyone that comes will leave with something!

Head Brewer, Jason Forgey, is brewing Harmon’s Steep and Deep Winer Ale for the party, a dark, robust winter warmer. An Ice Luge for Heritage’s BSB shots will be available too!

The Party starts at 5 and goes until 11pm. Get there early as it’s “Festival seating” – a great way to meet new friends and get ready for a great year on the mountain

“Some of the best things in life are found off the beaten path” – Warren Miller

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