Sasquatch is a popular phenomenon and people won’t find a better opportunity to explore the subject than at the Sasquatch Summit event. The conference on November 16-18 at Quinault Beach Resort and Casino (QBRC) in Ocean Shores is a great place to listen to some knowledgeable guest speakers and ask those compelling questions surrounding this mysterious and evasive creature.

The Pacific Northwest is the Bigfoot capital of the world with sightings going back for more than a century, so it’s perfect that the event is held here. Join hundreds of Sasquatch enthusiasts for this conference full of memories and incomparable insight. The conference is popular and always growing, so make sure to get a ticket for the weekend for only $35. Tickets can be purchased at the door, but if people book a room at the Quinault Sweet Grass Hotel or a two-night stay at the QBRC starting at $289, they will get two complimentary tickets to Sasquatch Summit and two T-shirts, too.

If anyone is after a hands-on experience, people can buy tickets for $100 that give access to private workshops on Sunday in addition to entry to everything else at the conference. There is a total of three workshops that are taught by Joe Hauser, Dr. Jeff Meldrum and John Pickering. The workshops give those attending exclusive tools and insights on Sasquatch.

sasquatch summit johnny manson at podium
Meet new friends, learn new things, and have fun at the Sasquatch Summit conference this weekend. Photo courtesy: Sasquatch Summit

There will also be the chance to hear a variety of speakers and event goers can spend time looking at themed vendors, casts, listening to testimonies and a whole lot more.

Good music makes any event complete and a former Nashville staff songwriter, Lenny Green, who currently writes and performs music about Sasquatch, will be performing live.

On Friday, people can go and listen to the Olympic Project‘s David Ellis, who will show audio clips that have been recorded in several locations as well as ways to tell what clips are real and which have been fabricated. There will also be a meet and greet with the researchers and a forum where people are welcome to get up and talk about their Sasquatch ventures.

As the party continues into Saturday, Butch Pope, a tribal elder of the Quinault Indian Nation, will bless the conference and speak about his family’s encounters with “C’iatqo.” Afterward, the day is full of established and varied speakers including:

  • Jeff Meldrum: For more than two decades, Meldrum has been a professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University and has done scholastic research on the evolution of hominin bipedalism. With a collection of over 300 casts of footprints, Meldrum continues field research and has been up front and open about many of his discoveries. He has also written a book “Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science” and has published two field guides on relict hominoids and Sasquatch.
  • Bob Gimlin: He was present when one of the most famous Sasquatch clips was recorded and he has an intriguing story to share.
  • Olympic Project: The Olympic Project is a team of all kinds of experts from trackers to biologists that work together with a goal of proving the existence of Bigfoot. They use professional techniques like DNA analysis, cameras to collect footage, and habitat study, and they try to make sure all that they do is non-invasive to any possible Sasquatch habitats.
  • Adam Davies: Davies has traveled the globe looking for proof of animals that have yet to be definitively discovered. He has been on television multiple times, like being featured on National Geographic and the History Channel. He has a lot to say and share about all of his discoveries.
  • Thom Powell: As a former curator for the Bigfoot Research Organization (BRO), Powell’s telling of his endeavors will be entertaining and full of good information.
  • sasquatch summit bigfoot casts
    Bigfoot is right! Check out some casts up close at the QBRC’s Sasquatch Summit event. Photo courtesy: Sasquatch Summit

    Rictor Riolo: A co-star in the TV show, Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty, Rictor Riolo is not shy about his skepticism in Sasquatch discoveries and research.

  • Thom Cantrall: Cantrall has researched Bigfoot for over 60 years, doing investigations and writing about his work. As an accomplished writer, he has written 10 books on the subject with plans to write more. Visit his website for more information.
  • Joe Hauser: With more than three decades of field experience, Hauser is an environmental consultant and a wildlife biologist. He had his first Sasquatch encounter in 1983 while gold mining in California and continued to have some unusual experiences over time. As a former curator for the Bigfoot Research Organization (BRO), he has done many reports on encounters, learning a lot through these occurrences. He now lives with his wife in Montana and their property along a river is used periodically by a family of Bigfoot.

Do not miss out on the opportunity for big fun as a weekend full of all kinds of Sasquatch activities at the QBRC takes place. For a full schedule of events or for more information on the conference, visit the Sasquatch Summit website.


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