Do you need a spot to unload unwanted electronics? Looking to score a budget-friendly computer, or get an old one fixed? Or maybe you’re an avid gamer looking to build a computer that will meet your needs. Green PC can help you out with all of the above. Located behind the South Tacoma Way strip, Green PC is a neighborhood computer shop that offers a little of everything, from electronic recycling and computer repair to selling computer parts and custom-built machines.

Green PC has undergone significant expansion in the past 11 years it has been in business. Owner Tai Im got his start managing the store’s predecessor, an electronic recycling plant called MIC Total Recycle. After Tai had been there a couple years, the company moved their headquarters out of state, leaving him to oversee local operations. “At the time, we were plainly recycle – no resells, no repairs,” Tai explains. A few months later, the owners presented Tai with an opportunity – to take over the shop and run it as his own.

Green PC Tacoma
A member of Green PC’s repair team hard at work. Photo credit: Green PC

“I felt it was the opportunity of a lifetime,” Tai remembers. As his first business venture, starting Green PC presented a learning curve, but Tai had big dreams for the store. Rather than simply scrapping computers and other electronics for parts, Tai believed it would be more efficient to repair machines and build out the business’s resale selection. But shifting the business’ focus would take some effort. While the previous company had dabbled in resales, they had no storefront to speak of. “It basically looked like a wrecking yard for computers,” Tai recalls.

Over the past 11 years, Tai has grown the shop into a full-service operation that focuses not only on recycling computers and other electronics, but also has a good stock of refurbished and rebuilt machines. “That’s our main focus here – reuse, repair and refurbish,” Tai says.

A big part of Green PC’s business includes upgrading and reselling computers so that users can get more mileage out of used machines. The result is a product that is both reliable and extremely affordable. At Green PC, home use desktops can start at $55 dollars, and laptops at $100. For those looking for a business class product, desktop computers start at $120 and laptops begin at $150-200.

Tai is self-taught, and while he doesn’t have any formal training in fixing computers, he always loved to tinker with things. “I’ve always been interested in electronics since I was little,” Tai says, reminiscing about how he used to love to take apart anything he could get his hands on. Now he manages of staff of eight, providing on-the-job training for employees who, like him, might not always have a formal education in computers but have a knack for figuring things out. In previous years, Green PC has also served as a Partner in Education program through Franklin Pierce Schools, training high schoolers who have an interest in computers in basic computer skills and virus removal.

Green PC
Green PC’s storefront includes both refurbished computers and accessories to meet your needs. Photo courtesy: Green PC

In addition to processing electronics recycling, Green PC also purchases electronics. They’re typically looking for gaming-class components, but also buy desktops and laptops that are in good condition. Green PC also helps customers who are interested in building their own computer customize a machine to best fit their needs. According to Tai, “We guide somebody toward building the best system for the budget that they’re looking for.” Whether you’re interested in a gaming system or just want a computer that is going to best fit your specifications, Green PC’s technicians are happy to share their expertise.

Tai is happy to have found a home in Tacoma and appreciates the city’s laid-back feel. And whether you’re looking for a custom-built computer, interested in a refurbished one or just have questions, Tai encourages people to drop in. “We’re a local store – if you need any help, information, whatever, we’re willing to help.”

Green PC is located at 3627 S 54th Street in Tacoma. For more information on their services you can drop by, give them a call at 253-473-4300 or check out their website. You can also find them on Facebook.

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