Natural beauty products – meaning products derived from plant or mineral extracts – have gained popularity in recent years. It’s tough to say what has caused this shift, whether it’s because more consumers are realizing that chemicals in skin care products and makeup can cause redness, irritation and even breakouts, or if consumers are making the switch for other reasons.

Some people may even be allergic to chemicals commonly found in conventional products. Or maybe people have discovered how well natural makeup, skin care products and body products work with the skin, rather than against it.

One Woman Spa in South Tacoma utilizes as much natural skin care and beauty products as possible. Whether a client is receiving a facial, a manicure or a wax procedure, the goal is to use products that come from nature as often as they can.

One Woman Spa Tacoma
Owner Rose Nunn says she used items to represent who she is and where she’s from in the decor of her business. Photo credit: Amanda Bretz

The type of skin care products used at the spa are from the Tuel, which creates natural botanical skin care products. The Tuel products are manufactured in Oakland, and the company is family owned.

There’s a specific type of Tuel product for every skin type and condition from aging skin, dry or oily skin, to acne-prone skin and more. The Tuel products are free of harsh chemicals and common skin irritants such as sulfates, parabens and mineral oil, as well as synthetic dyes or fragrances. Additionally, the products are totally vegan and the company does not perform animal testing.

“It’s a cleansing oil system, derived from plant botanicals, and different kinds of botanicals are used to target different skin conditions,” says One Woman Spa owner Rose Nunn about the Tuel line.

Perhaps a common misconception is that a more chemical-based product is needed to treat certain kinds of skin conditions or imperfections. But that just isn’t the case. For instance, certain types of mushrooms are used in natural products to target and treat acne bacteria.

Rose says after she’d been using Tuel personally, it was an easy decision to work those products into her practice. She adds that as her career grew, she decided to use the skin care line that incorporates a more natural approach.

“Botanicals are one of the ‘it words’ currently in the beauty industry, whether it’s being used on TV or social media, but we’ve been utilizing this for years,” she says. “It’s been fun to watch this evolve.”

Natural products are not only as effective, but according to Rose, users can expect it to treat their skin more gently. And they often get better results, because they’re not putting harsh chemicals on the skin.

“You have a gentler day-to-day interaction to the products and it helps the skin respond better overall.”

Besides the skin care line, the spa also carries a natural line of deodorant, called Freedom Natural, which is a Las Vegas-based company. The spa sells bath bombs and shower steamers, as well as a natural cuticle oil product made in the Port Angeles area. Additionally, the spa uses a beeswax-based product for its body waxing treatments.

Tuel Serums
The spa sells and uses Tuel skincare products like the serums seen here, to treat acne, anti-aging, exfoliation and hydrating with oil control. All Tuel products are botanically based. Photo courtesy: Rose Nunn/Tuel products

Other than skin, nail and personal care items, the spa also sells hot packs that can be used for sore muscles or other minor aches and pains. The packs are filled with uncooked rice and lavender florets, and the packs can be warmed in the microwave and reused, making them more environmentally friendly.

Besides Rose’s appreciation for the natural approach to skin care and personal care products, there was another reason the natural products seemed the perfect fit for the spa.

“These products are also appealing to the brand I have built,” Rose says of her natural-themed business.

There are nods to the Northwest throughout her spa’s decor. From driftwood tables, to copper fish hanging on the walls that were custom made by an artist in Port Angeles. Besides local artwork, there are also other details that bring a bit of nature to her spa. You can see artful touches like the window partially enclosed with madrona wood, or the lamps made from madrona branches, or the front counter with lichen pressed beneath glass.

According to Rose, the decision to incorporate items from the outdoors into her business was to not only highlight the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, but also, because it’s representative of who she is as a person and where she’s from.

One Woman Spa is located at 6240 Tacoma Mall Boulevard. Reach the spa by calling, 253-474-3569, visiting the website, or on Instagram and Facebook.


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