The mission of Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates (FASA) and their subsidiary, FASA Family Wellness, is to help each patient achieve their best quality of life through top-notch and multi-faceted care. As a part of that care, FASA and FASA Family Wellness realize the importance of patients utilizing the full extent of their insurance benefits before the benefits expire at the end of the year. From surgery of the foot and ankle, to custom orthotics, to physical therapy, there are many different services under the FASA and FASA Family Wellness wing that could be a first step to an improved quality of life.

Chrissy Franklin, a physical therapy lead at FASA Family Wellness says that if patients are meeting their deductibles and putting money into their insurance, that they should take advantage of those benefits before they expire.

“If a patient’s out of pocket cost is met, the insurance will help them a lot from that point, financially,” explains Franklin. “Because they put so much into their insurance benefits that at that point, insurance pays for more.”

Later in the year can be a good time to use a wide range of services at Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates and at FASA Family Wellness, because many patients have already met their deductibles and can save money by taking advantage of potentially costly services.

Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates
Another service at FASA is the diagnostic ultrasound that can help to determine soft tissue foot conditions. Photo courtesy: Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates

“Right now, we’ve had three calls in the last two days for people who are getting knee replacements before the end of the year,” says Franklin. “They’ve met their deductibles and they know they have to come see us at least three times a week with that kind of surgery. So, they’re saving a ton of money by utilizing that benefit before the end of the year and getting physical therapy and massage services.”

Beyond Surgery Care

At FASA Family Wellness, services have expanded beyond surgery of the foot and ankle. Physical therapy, massage therapy and laser therapy services are also available, and those therapies are not limited to issues below the knee. FASA Family Wellness can aid in the recovery of patients who have undergone a variety of surgeries, including a hip or a knee replacement.

“We do a lot more than just the foot and ankle area at FASA Family Wellness,” says Franklin. “For our physical therapy, massage and laser, we do full body, so anybody that’s out there, it’s not just foot and ankle that we work on, we work on full body.”

The goal of physical therapy at FASA Family Wellness is to get patients moving again by restoring them to their highest level of functionality for a variety of activities. Courses of treatment are customized, and providers take great care to increase strength and range of motion while decreasing pain and inflammation in the body. Franklin says that FASA Family Wellness also accepts referrals from outside practices and that potential physical therapy patients do not have to have surgery performed at Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates to participate in physical therapy services at FASA Family Wellness.

Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates Orthotics
Providers at FASA can create custom orthotics using a mold created from the patient’s own foot. Photo courtesy: Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates

To help with various muscle strains and related injuries, FASA Family Wellness also offers massage therapy that can be used to improve range of motion or post-surgery to promote further healing. FASA also provides MLS Laser Therapy and fungal nail laser therapy. MLS Laser Therapy is an FDA-cleared technology that uses certain wavelengths of light that can help numerous painful conditions associated with swelling or inflammation.

Utilizing insurance benefits can also be helpful in the case of foot care and custom orthotics, support devices that fit into a shoe. Orthotics are available over the counter but can also be custom made to fit a patient’s particular foot shape. Orthotics can make standing, walking and running more comfortable. In addition, orthotics can absorb shock, support the arches and help protect the feet. Custom orthotics are created from a plaster cast of the patient’s foot captured in its optimal position, that cast is then made into a mold, from which the orthotic inserts can be produced.

“Anybody at any age can benefit from getting orthotics and foot care and it’s a good time of year to do it, when you’ve met that deductible,” says Franklin. To learn more about Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates, visit the Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates website. To learn more about FASA Family Wellness and the physical therapy, massage therapy and laser therapy services offered, visit the FASA Family Wellness website.


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