If you’re looking for a place to get a healthy meal in Grit City, you’re in luck. There are several restaurants in Tacoma that serve vegetarian, vegan and healthful menus exclusively and a few eateries that have numerous healthy options.

The Antique Sandwich Co.

As the name would leave one to believe, The Antique Sandwich Co.’s menu offers a variety of sandwiches, such as the turkey sandwich, with the turkey baked and sliced in house. There are also meatless choices on the menu like their vegetarian sandwiches, including one that has avocado, tomato, cheese and sprouts. Or if you’re looking for a little more protein, opt for the hummus, sprout and tomato sandwich. You’ll find a number of salads and soups served, along with quiche and spinach lasagna. All dressings are made in house, including their most popular dressing, lemon tahini. The eatery also serves breakfast dishes like the Turkish breakfast, which is a toasted pita with two hard boiled eggs and hummus, served with cucumber, tomatoes and kalamata olives. Other healthy options are the granola with choice of milk or yogurt and oatmeal. The Antique Sandwich Co. is located at 5102 N. Pearl Street. Find out more on their website, or call 253-752-4069.

Antique Sandwich Company
As their name suggests, The Antique Sandwich Co. offers a sandwich selection, including meatless options like the sprout, avocado, tomato and cheese pictured here. Photo credit:Amanda Bretz

Crisp Greens

One of the newer restaurants in Tacoma, Crisp Greens arrived on the healthy eating scene in 2019 with a mission to bring fast, healthy food options to the City of Destiny. As the name suggests the menu boasts a plethora of salads. But you won’t find salads with a boring iceberg lettuce as a base here. The greenery offerings range from kale, arugula, spinach and more. A Crisp Greens salad can also contain healthy grains like quinoa and tabbouleh. Besides salads, the eatery has a rotating selection of healthy soups for those days when you need something warm.

Crisp Greens is located at 4312 Sixth Avenue. To learn more, visit their website, follow them on Facebook or Instagram, or call them at 253-301-3807.

Fresh Rolls Tacoma
On the menu at Fresh Rolls, you can get spring rolls with grilled chicken, tofu or pork. Photo credit: Amanda Bretz

Fresh Rolls

With several locations throughout the Tacoma area, Fresh Rolls serves healthy, fresh Vietnamese cuisine. Here you’ll find a selection of spring rolls, Vietnamese pho, salads and more. Most items come with your choice of protein, such as tofu, grilled chicken, shrimp, salmon, pork or beef.

Fresh Rolls is located at 823 Pacific Avenue. Learn more by visiting their website, or call 253-572-9064.

Happy Belly

This restaurant serves a mostly vegetarian menu, and has numerous options for those with dietary restrictions, including meatless, gluten free and dairy free dishes. A portion of the menu is rotating and varies upon the season. A few items that are always available are the red pepper and kale soup, or the Pacific wild hot-smoked salmon sandwich, served on sourdough, with a savory herb yogurt and arugula. There’s also a grab-and-go cooler filled with healthy portable meals, like a breakfast burrito filled with seasoned Spanish-style brown rice, black beans, a sliced hard-boiled egg, peppers and cheese.

Happy Belly is located at 1122 Market Street. For more information, visit their website, find them on Facebook, or call 253-365-6706.

Pho in Tacoma
Fresh Rolls offers a variety of healthy Vietnamese cuisine like pho with your choice of protein. Photo credit: Amanda Bretz

Pita Pit

With a location on Pacific Avenue in downtown Tacoma and a second location on North Pearl, this national chain restaurant specializes in pita sandwiches. There’s a selection of vegetables and fillings to choose from including chicken breast, hummus, falafel and black beans. For those with dietary restrictions, there’s also a gluten free pita, and any pita can be made into a salad.

Pita Pit is located at 921 Pacific Avenue and 2626 North Pearl Street. Find out more by calling them at 253-572-7482 or find them online.

Quickie Too

This vegan eatery serves a variety of dishes that even meat eaters can appreciate. The menu includes several plant-based twists on traditional dishes like the mac and yease, pasta in a creamy vegan sauce, or the TLT, which is smoky tofu or tempeh, lettuce and tomato on bread. There’s also chorizo-style tofu tacos, seitan quesadilla and a variety of plant-based burgers to choose from.

Quickie Too is located at 1324 Martin Luther King Jr. Way. Find out more about the restaurant by calling 253-572-4549.

Thai Pepper

This Thai eatery serves authentic dishes and features a large menu. The selection ranges from salads to noodle and rice entrees and soups. Most dishes have vegetables incorporated into them and there’s a selection of proteins to choose from to be added in to each dish. The protein selections include tofu, chicken, beef, shrimp or fish.

Thai Pepper is located at 701 Pacific Avenue. Learn more by calling 253-503-3179 or by visiting their website.


Located in Tacoma’s Proctor District, Viva offers an exclusively vegan, gluten free and organic menu. Their dishes range from raw foods to cooked dishes. The menu changes periodically, but you might find the Tuscan lasagna (or something like it), which uses sliced zucchini in place of traditional noodles layered with balsamic portobello, almond ricotta, pesto and marinara. A sample raw dish is the raw enchiladas, made with seasoned walnut “meat,” cabbage and almond cheese wrapped in a sweet cashew tortilla that is then topped with shredded lettuce, enchilada sauce, pico, cashew sour cream and cilantro-lime crema.

Viva is located at 2602 North Proctor Street. Find out more by calling 253-503-6498, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.

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