Submitted by Bethel School District 

This is a message from the following Pierce County School Districts: Bethel, Carbonado Historical, Clover Park, Dieringer, Eatonville, Enumclaw, Fife, Franklin Pierce, Orting, Puyallup, Steilacoom Historical, Sumner-Bonney Lake, Tacoma, University Place, and White River.

Now that some of our districts have started school remotely, there has been a lot of speculation about when schools will reopen for in-person learning.

Today we received new guidance from the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department which shows that Pierce County has now transitioned from the high level to the moderate level of COVID-19 infection.

Between now and September 21, districts will be monitoring data and developing transition plans. None of our districts will bring students back before September 22.

Once a district decides to bring students back to school, they may need at least two weeks of operational transition time before they reopen their doors at the elementary level.

The districts will continue to monitor county trends and work with public health officials to determine when secondary students may return in the future.

With Labor Day weekend before us, we are concerned that the positive trend of reduced infections could relapse with the long weekend’s activities. We want to encourage all residents of Pierce County to continue to wear their masks and observe social distancing standards while they enjoy the weekend with their friends and family.

Tom Seigel
Bethel School District
Jessie Sprouse
Carbonado Historical School District
Ron Banner
Clover Park School District
Michael Farmer
Dieringer School District
Krestin Bahr
Eatonville School District
Dr. Shaun V. Carey
Enumclaw School District
Kevin Alfano
Fife Public Schools
Lance Goodpaster
Franklin Pierce Schools
Dr. Tony Apostle
Orting School District
Dr. John Polm
Puyallup School District
Dr. Kathi Weight
Steilacoom Historical School District
Dr. Laurie Dent
Sumner-Bonney Lake School District
Carla Santorno
Tacoma Public Schools
Jeff Chamberlin
University Place School District
Janel Keating Hambly
White River School District

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