Heritage Skills Workshop: Butchering & Curing

01/18/2020 @ 10:30 am
Fort Nisqually Living History Museum
5519 Five Mile Dr
Fort Nisqually Living History Museum

Sign-up now for this heritage skills workshop to learn skills in butchering and curing methods from the 19th Century. The instructors from Farmstead Meatsmith will demonstrate traditional seam-butchery where only knives and cleavers are used.

Participants will learn how waste is completely eliminated through traditional methods. There will also be a focus on principles of traditional nitrate-free whole-muscle curing, starting bacon, prosciutto and guanciale.

Finally, the workshop will focus on basic cooking methods and how all this work ultimately serves the home table. This class is a day-long, intimate observational experience, with occasional hands-on opportunities.

Bring your own sack lunch and filming/recording devices. Ages 16+ $100, 10am-4pm. Pre-registration required.

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