Water’s Extreme Journey: A Special Exhibit On Display at Harbor History Museum

gig harbor lighthouse
Photo credit: Keith Lucey


Submitted by Harbor History Museum

gig harbor lighthouse
Photo credit: Keith Lucey

Created by renowned marine life artist Robert Wyland, Water’s Extreme Journey is a transformational experience. It features a fully interactive maze that engages visitors through play, scientific inquiry, art, and action.

In an exciting and important adventure quest, you’ll become a raindrop and travel through the watershed, traversing lakes, rivers, wetlands, and even your own backyard. You’ll learn first-hand how daily decisions impact water quality and the health of the oceans. You’ll emerge from this fun exhibit with a greater understanding of how you can contribute to safe, healthy water in Gig Harbor, the Puget Sound, and beyond!

“Water’s Extreme Journey effectively engages young people in the natural resource decisions of today that will have massive impacts on our communities tomorrow,” said Steve Creech, Executive Director of the Wyland Foundation (an internationally renowned leader in clean ocean education and research).

“The Harbor History Museum is always striving to develop ways to connect people with their community and to help educate them on the significance of living on the peninsula. The maze structure that Water’s Extreme Journey utilizes is a fun and powerful learning opportunity that encourages guests of every age to think outside the box and interact with their environment in a new way,” said Casey Demory, Program and Exhibit Manager, Harbor History Museum.

The Harbor History Museum is proud to have Puget Sound Energy as a sponsor of this exciting exhibit.  In addition, the museum is pleased to partner with the Wyland Foundation, Minotaur Mazes, and Harbor WildWatch, to offer special events throughout the duration of the exhibit.

This special exhibit will be on display April 19 – July 20, 2014.

The Harbor History Museum’s mission is to collect, preserve, and share the history of Gig Harbor and the area. The museum is open Tuesday – Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., except for major holidays. For more information please contact Casey Demory at 253-858-6722 ext. 5, or casey@harborhistorymuseum.org, or by clicking here.

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