Bristow’s Exclusive Auto Repair: Growing Trust and Commitment

Photo courtesy of Bristow's Exclusive Auto Repair.

Submitted by Bristow’s Exclusive Auto Repair

Photo courtesy of Bristow's Exclusive Auto Repair.
Photo courtesy of Bristow’s Exclusive Auto Repair.

The tulips have come and gone in all their array of colors and splendor. I was recently contemplating the process of getting all the tulips in the ground, and what it takes to get them properly maintained and nourished for a spectacular showing. The parking lot here at Bristow’s Exclusive Auto Repair can resemble the tulip fields with its impressive colors and shapes. It was at this moment that a customer of three years pulled into the lot. I immediately recognized him by his rare 1988 Porsche Carrera, Commemorative Edition. I saw and heard no obvious issues with the car and wondered what had brought him back to us so soon. My memory time line said it was not time for any services. Bristow’s had serviced the vehicle in February and March. As I walked out to greet him with a handshake my concerns were quickly abated by the enormous grin on his face. After a 6,100 mile road trip that this beautiful, sleek, glistening machine purred through, he was stopping in to say thank you and show his appreciation. He had gone over hill and dell, across various rivers and  down many winding roads with never a care about car performance.

It is always our goal at Bristow’s Exclusive Auto Repair to give personal service and exceptional care to you and your vehicle. We strive to have you leave us informed and educated on your car and the work performed. Like the tulip fields, it takes time to grow trust and commitment, and in the end it is a beautiful showing of hard work and honesty.  Please visit our website or Facebook page to meet the team and learn more.

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