Find Bigfoot at Sasquatch Summit

Screenshot of the famous Patterson-Gimlin video. Image from Sasquatch Summit.


quinault beach reseort logo On the rugged, timber-filled Washington Coast, one county sits with access to the beach, mountains and the rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula.

Grays Harbor is comprised of historical logging and fishing communities, each flanked by untouched and unexplored wilderness areas. To say Grays Harbor is a beautiful place is an understatement. With Olympic National Park located just to the north, the Quinault Rainforest provides world-class hiking, fishing and even Sasquatch-viewing opportunities to Grays Harbor residents and visitors alike.

Screenshot of the famous Patterson-Gimlin video. Image from Sasquatch Summit.
Screenshot of the famous Patterson-Gimlin video. Image from Sasquatch Summit.

The forests around Grays Harbor are alive with both known and unknown animals, making it a hotbed for researchers of all walks of life. And, while many come to the area for something other than the chance to see or hear Bigfoot, Grays Harbor is one of the more active Sasquatch spots in the world, making it only logical for the region to play host to the premier Sasquatch Summit in America.

On the weekend of November 21-22, 2014, the Quinault Beach Resort, located directly on the Pacific Coast, will host one of the leading Sasquatch events in the world. With more than a dozen guest speakers – each of which has years of experience searching, researching and educating about Sasquatch – the 2nd Annual Sasquatch Summit is already creating quite a buzz, thanks to last year’s strong attendance and solid organization by Johnny Manson.

Aberdeen’s Johnny Manson, the man behind the Sasquatch Summit, kick started the event, working together with the Quinault Tribe who not only hosts but also blesses the Summit. Stories of Sasquatch, or C’iatqo – as numerous local tribes call it – are common in the region, with the Bigfoot Research Organization (BFRO) website listing more than 20 official reports.

Johnny Manson is the organizer of Quinault's Sasquatch Summit.
Johnny Manson is the organizer of Quinault’s Sasquatch Summit.

Johnny anticipates the event to serve as the “Mecca of Bigfooting” and is passionate about the conference, hoping that it provides a welcoming community for all Sasquatch hunters – something that was lacking in the Bigfoot community until the launch of the event last year.

Last year’s event had nearly 500 people in attendance, with many believers and a handful of skeptics, all of which were more than welcome. In fact, Johnny wants more skeptics to attend, enthusiastically claiming that, “If skeptics go, they won’t be skeptics anymore.”

The Sasquatch Summit starts with a laid back chat with the experts, allowing questions and an opportunity to share your stories and sighting information. Guests are also invited to enjoy the music stylings of Lenny Green, who Johnny explains, “sounds like Johnny Cash, but with songs about Bigfoot.”

More than a dozen special guests headline the event, but many are looking forward to chatting with Bob Gimlin. For those who know their Sasquatch history, this is quite exciting. Bob Gimlin was the other half of the now-famous Patterson-Gimlin video, which shows a Sasquatch walking upright along a riverbank.

Johnny’s message to those who attend the Sasquatch Summit in Quinault, “Expect to have your mind blown!”

Like last year’s Sasquatch Summit, attendees have direct access to the world’s foremost Sasquatch experts, including Dr. Jeff MeldrumThom PowellRon Morehead of Sierra SoundsThom Cantrall, Derek Randles of the Olympic Project, Toby Johnson of the London Trackway, Phil Poling of ParaBreakdownBarb Shupe of YouTube’s Barb & Gabby, and special appearances by Igor Burtsev and Peter Bryne.

Attendees will also be able to talk directly with the leading researchers and participate with them in seminars of various topics. From education classes to learning how to live and communicate with a Sasquatch, and even be shown new evidence on Bigfoot’s existence, this event is perfect for Sasquatch searchers of all levels.

Guest speakers such as Dr. Jeff Medlum will be in attendance at the anticipated Sasquatch Summit.
Guest speakers such as Dr. Jeff Medlum will be in attendance at the anticipated Sasquatch Summit.

One unique aspect of this event will be a guided Sasquatch hike led by Randles of the Olympic Project, an association of dedicated researchers, investigators, biologists and trackers committed to documenting the existence of Sasquatch through science and education. The walk serves as a great educational tool on how to find the always-hidden forest legend and is for all ages and abilities of Sasquatch searchers. Last year, Cliff Barackman of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot helped show those who took the hike how to pour plaster casts for footprints. This year, the event promises to hold even better surprises.

Whether you have been to Grays Harbor hundreds of times, or are planning your first trip to the region, the entire county offers amazing experiences. From the best salmon fishing in the country, to amazing clamming, access to America’s best hiking, fantastic dining, impressive lodging experiences and more, Grays Harbor is more than just a region with a Sasquatch Summit.

The 2014 Sasquatch Summit at the Quinault Beach Resort is your perfect opportunity to learn about this legendary creature in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Plan your weekend trip to the Sasquatch Summit and get ready to fall in love with the beauty and mystery of Grays Harbor. For more information and to register, visit

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