“Behind every great man is a great woman.” It’s a proverb often heard and, while we know true success comes from teamwork and collaboration, Dwayne Boggs, owner of Boggs Inspection Services, also knows his South Sound business wouldn’t run without his team of three dynamic women.

Boggs Inspection Services
Dwayne and his staff get together for meetings once a month, often over lunch. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services.

Heather Rowell, Gina McKune and Tonya Jones-Jules are the ladies of Boggs Inspection Services, supporting the team of busy home inspectors working with clients throughout Pierce County. Together, they set schedules, field customer questions, manage reams of paperwork and coordinate the moving parts inherent in any home inspection.

Boggs Inspection Services depends on their office team, and each of the three women brings something unique to the team at this 13-year-old business.

Heather Rowell

Heather has been with Boggs since 2013 and anchors the office staff with her experience and knowledge of the business. Raised primarily in Oregon, Heather relocated to Grays Harbor County in 2000 where much of her family resides. She met her husband shortly after moving and the couple settled in Olympia and had two daughters, Emily (12) and Grace (10).

Heather Rowell
Working for Boggs Inspection Services allows Heather Rowell to work from home and have a flexible schedule. Photo courtesy: Heather Rowell.

As a stay-at-home mom the past decade, Heather is no stranger to managing schedules and multi-tasking. Yet, as her girls grew, she wanted to work and contribute financially, too. She began teaching Zumba in 2011 and then, in 2013, she was introduced to Dwayne just when Boggs Inspection Services was growing. The ability to work from home and have flexible hours appealed to her and the two have been a strong partnership ever since.

Heather enjoys building relationships through helping customers. Being involved in people’s lives during one of the biggest transactions they’ll ever have is rewarding.

Dwayne himself is a big reason Heather loves her work. “He is willing to try new ideas and is always ready to learn more. He provides a wonderful work environment, looking at each of us for who we are, treating us as valued individuals,” she says.

After three years with the company, Heather isn’t going anywhere soon. “It’s been a great three years and I’m excited to see what the future holds for all of us.”

Gina McKune

Oxford, California, is Gina’s hometown, but she’s called Olympia home since 2003. She and her husband settled in the area in 2003 and now have three children, Ethan, Rayden and Sadie.

Gina McKune
Gina McKune has been with Boggs Inspection Services for 18 months and loves building connections with her community. Photo courtesy: Gina McKune.

Gina is an integral part of the growing Boggs office team. Customer service is her forte and her previous work as a flight attendant and Starbucks barista give her a leg up when helping Boggs customers. Gina and her family love the outdoors, boating and camping whenever they can.

Customer Relations Specialist is Gina’s title at Boggs Inspection Services and she focuses on marketing the business throughout the area. If you dial Boggs’ number on Sunday through Thursday, Gina is the person you’ll reach. She books inspections and answers questions as they come in. “I need to act as a liaison between our customers and our inspectors,” she shares. “It’s important for me to be knowledgeable so the inspectors can focus on their inspections and I can help customers, answering their questions when they call.”

Networking events, golf tournaments and Chamber gatherings are also places where Gina can share what Boggs Inspection Services offers realtors and home buyers. “I really love this part of my job,” she shares.

What else does she love? “I love that I’m part of a company that is growing so much. I love each of my fellow team members and think that we each contribute in different ways to making Boggs Inspection Services succeed. I love that Dwayne allows me to be myself and say exactly what’s on my mind.”

As part of their team and business building process, the ladies meet with their boss each month. “Poor Dwayne never really gets a word in edgewise,” laughs Gina. “He shares ideas and we end up giving way too many opinions! I truly wonder how he survives these meetings and puts up with us. But, what I realize is that, at the end of the day, he truly values our opinions and cares about each of us.”

Tonya Jones-Jules

The newest member of the office staff, Tonya starting in October 2015. She and her husband of 16 years have an 11-year-old daughter, Alexus, and a 12-year-old dog named Harry.

Tonya Jones-Jules
Keeping the contracts, inspection packets and marketing materials ready to go is Tonya’s specialty. Photo courtesy: Tonya Jones-Jules.

Her background in a variety of occupations, including cosmetologist, marketing director and legal assistant, have given Tonya strong organization and communication skills. In addition, Tonya is a trained chef with a culinary degree and passion for cooking. The Jones-Jules family are big sports fans and while Tonya roots for the Denver Broncos and LA Lakers, her daughter is a big Seahawk’s fan. The whole family enjoyed watching Team USA in gymnastics this summer as Alexus is a level 7-8 gymnast herself and the family logs many hours at the local gym.

Tonya also works with Boggs’ customers along with keeping the vast amount of paperwork associated with real estate transactions organized for the inspectors. “My goal is to help home buyers feel confident with their purchase by explaining our inspection process, discussing fees and helping them feel more comfortable in regard to what they can expect during the inspection,” she shares. Realtors are another group she interacts with daily, helping them connect their clients to Boggs signature services.

“I enjoy working for a small business because it feels like family,” Tonya shares. Working for a great boss is a big part of the family feel. “Dwayne is extremely funny, has a quick wit – which I live for – and is very direct, which makes working with him pretty awesome.”

To chat with Heather, Gina or Tonya, or inquire about a home inspection with Boggs Inspection Services, call 360-480-9602 or visit them online.


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