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Infoblox Inc., the network control company that provides Actionable Network Intelligence, announced a partnership with the University of Washington Tacoma for research into the use of cutting-edge machine learning methodologies to help mitigate domain name system (DNS) cybersecurity issues that affect our government, economy and daily lives. The goals of the partnership include publishing research that will benefit the cybersecurity community, developing products to help organizations prevent and remediate cybersecurity issues, and providing real-world experience to students who will enter this growing field.

“Infoblox’s partnership with the University of Washington Tacoma is highly complementary, with the university bringing some of the foremost experts in advanced analytics and machine learning, and Infoblox supplying the contextual data that is necessary for this high level of research,” said Ashish Gupta, EVP and chief marketing officer, Infoblox.

Derek Kilmer at UWT
Rep. Derek Kilmer (WA-6) addresses audience at an event announcing a new partnership between Infoblox and UW Tacoma. Photo courtesy: UW Tacoma.

The outcomes from this research partnership can have an immediate positive impact on global defense and business infrastructure because new products developed can strengthen Infoblox’s customer base of more than 7,000 organizations, including over 80 of the Fortune 100, government agencies and service providers. During the two-year partnership, Infoblox will host faculty and student researchers at its offices located adjacent to the university campus, working in close collaboration with the university’s strong local community of university, military and industry thought leaders in security, cloud, analytics and computer infrastructure.

“This private-public partnership will provide a strategic advantage to the university’s educational program,” says Gupta. “By arming graduate and undergraduate students with real-world data and the opportunity to solve prevailing security challenges working in tandem with leading academic researchers and private sector experts, the students will gain a competitive advantage that will benefit the broader community and technology ecosystem. The research will help fuel new innovative cybersecurity technologies that can enable government agencies and enterprises to better protect their networks, data and intellectual property.”

UW Tacoma faculty offer expertise in advanced analytics and machine learning that can help cybersecurity professionals better detect, prioritize, remediate and prevent a variety of operational and security issues.

“The Infoblox partnership is providing the University of Washington Tacoma with real-world examples of security challenges and DNS data that our professors and students can use to develop new, innovative analytics and methodologies to address cybercrime, a growing global threat,” said Anderson C. A. Nascimento, professor of computer science at UW Tacoma. “This is an exciting opportunity that brings together leaders from both academia and the private sector to solve security issues that affect all of us.”

UWT Cybersecurity
UW Regent Herb Simon addresses the audience at an event announcing a new partnership between Infoblox and UW Tacoma. Photo courtesy: UW Tacoma.

The Infoblox Tacoma team has long partnered with UW Tacoma, providing sponsorships, scholarships, internships, and employment opportunities for students.

“Tacoma has a natural advantage with its position adjacent to multiple squadrons of active cyber ‘warriors’ in the armed forces, the massive workforce of software and cloud developers based in Puget Sound, and a leading educational institution in the field like the University of Washington Tacoma,” said Rod Rasmussen, Infoblox vice president of Cybersecurity, “Infoblox is leading the private sector in forming a natural ‘cluster’ for cybersecurity in the South Puget Sound.”

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