Romance is in the air. Nothing says sexy quite like the matrimony of chocolate and wine. Velvety, rich nibbles of chocolate punctuated by sips of luscious vino will have anyone fluent in the language of love in just moments. It’s pure decadence, I tell ya! If you’re looking to get your wine and chocolate fix for Valentine’s Day – or just because – I’ve crafted a compilation of wine shops and locally sourced sweets and libations for you. Skip the Safeway line and go for something a little more unique. You’ll earn brownie points for being so thoughtful.

Where to Buy Wine

Pacific Northwest Shop
PNW Wines at Proctor’s Pacific Northwest Shop is just one of the many great finds in town. Photo credit: Jackie Fender

Pacific Northwest Shop – 2702 N. Proctor, Tacoma

If you’re looking for a little wine and chocolate in a one-stop shop experience, hit up the Pacific Northwest Shop in the Proctor District. They have an array of sweet treats and Pacific Northwest wines to pair. Bonus, you mind just find a little trinket to signify your amore while you’re at it. The selection is, as the name implies, all things local so expect some Woodinville wines and chocolates made in Seattle.

Metropolitan Market – 2420 N Proctor St, Tacoma

Just down the street from the Pacific Northwest Shop is perhaps Tacoma’s ritziest grocery store. With a full wine selection of both local wines and wines from afar as well as one of the most impressive local chocolate selections in town, you can’t go wrong. Beyond the candy aisle, each register has a different local chocolate on the end caps, including Fran’s, Dilettante and others you may not have heard of. Buy one of each for a chocolatey adventure!

21 Cellars – 2621 N 21st, Tacoma

Nestled in Tacoma’s charming Three Bridges District, 21 Cellars is a local winery well worth the visit. This boutique winery crafts fine wines with a focus on Bordeaux and Spanish grape varietals. Voted Best New Wine by Seattle Magazine a few years back serves as a stamp of approval.

Valentine's Day
There’s nothing like a sweet treat on Valentine’s Day. Photo credit: Jackie Fender

Gingko Winery2221 N 30th, Tacoma

Gingko Winery in the North End is perfectly situated just a hop away from Ruston Way, making it an excellent pit stop during a waterfront stroll. Their tasting room is large enough to lounge with friends comfortably as you enjoy a sip or three of artisan wines. And the selection is among the heartier offered in local tasting rooms.

Reed’s Sweet Wine – 3516 192nd Street East, Tacoma

This spot is a little something for those who have a sweet tooth when it comes to their sippers. Specializing in meads and fruit wines, you’ll find compelling flavors like blueberry huckleberry and strawberry rhubarb. The tasting room space is also available to rent for special occasions.

Vino Aquino4417 6th Avenue, Tacoma

Vino Aquino is a stylish little space brimming with a passion for wine. I’d recommend the venue for larger wine tasting parties with your friends as you can book the space for private events, or join in one of the shops paint and sip nights, live music events or other happenings. This is also a place to look for one of the most unique Valentine’s Day gifts in town – personalized labels on bottles for gifting.

More retail spaces nearby where can you find a knowledgeable staff and wine selection for purchase. All of which also host special tasting events or pairing dinners on a regular basis:

Tacoma Wine Merchants – 23 N. Tacoma Avenue

Headed up by a long-time fan and drinker of wine, Tacoma Wine Merchants aims to bring a well-curated selection of wine to town. Don’t expect a ton of choices of each wine, but do expect wines chosen for their quality and a staff who can explain what’s on the shelves.

Wildside Wine – 608 Oxford Street, Tacoma

Wildside Wine has a great selection of wines from all around the world and a staff that wants to take you on a wine adventure. Stop by during open hours for a tasting!

Black Door Wine Company – 1215 Earnest S. Brazil Street, Tacoma

With a selection of hundreds of wines, Black Door Wine Company is the place to go if you seek small vineyard and estate wines from around the world, as well as a knowledgeable staff who can help guide your choice.

Where to Buy Chocolate

Tease Chocolates
Spice up your romance with robust red wine and Tease Chocolates’s chocolate-covered ghost chili caramels. Photo credit: Jackie Fender

Tease Chocolates – 610 N. 1st Street, Tacoma

Forget being a kid in a candy store. With their hand-crafted chocolate confections infused with scotch, bourbon, teas, salted caramels and truffles galore, Tease Chocolates elevates the candy store adventure into a grown-up experience. With its Stadium District location, it also makes a fine after-dinner stop.

Johnson Candy Company – 924 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Tacoma

Johnson Candy Company has a vintage approach to the candy experience. Approaching the building itself feels a bit like a time warp. Inside the doors, you’ll find all your favorite chocolates, truffles and fruity confections behind the glass display. If you’re not sure what to get, ask for a sample, but be prepared to be wowed by the salted caramels as they’re pretty amazing.

Brown and Haley110 East 26th Street, Tacoma

Another classic Tacoma chocolate go-to is Brown and Haley. Maybe Almond Roca doesn’t seem the most romantic of chocolates, however, if it’s your honeypies favorite then go forth and get some! Happy wife, happy life they say. And who can resist that nutty crunch of classic Almond Roca? A tin full of pure satisfaction.

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