Now that floating has become increasingly popular in the Pacific Northwest, Uncharted Waters Float Center has become one of the leaders in offering this unique health practice to the South Sound. However, floating is just one of the services Uncharted Waters has to offer. With three licensed massage therapists and a holistic health counselor, Uncharted Waters has got you covered to revitalize your senses and become your very best.

“Floating and massage are beneficial to everyone,” says Sarah Murray, co-owner of Uncharted Waters. “By giving yourself the opportunity to experience relaxation through floating, massage or the combination of the two, you are allowing your mind and body to rest and reset. Throw in the added benefits of really dialing in your nutrition in a holistic manner and you are on your way to rediscovering your best self.”

Combining massage or other treatments by Uncharted Waters’ staff of practitioners and therapists with a float session can take your relaxation levels to a whole new level.

Erin Russell
Erin of Charmed Arms thinks that life is best when we get the chance to enjoy it. Photo courtesy: Erin Russell

Charmed Arms – Erin Russell LMP

Erin Russell of Charmed Arms is a licensed massage therapist and has been practicing for six years. She specializes in both deep tissue and relaxation massage, and will even do some hot stone massage for those who like heat and prefer a more relaxing session. “We do so many motions, carry ourselves and hold postures that cause tension,” Russell says on the synergy of floating and massage. “Repetitive motion and poor posture plague a lot of people and the combination of floating and massage help take you out of this pattern.  They both can also help with anxiety and depression to reduce pain and increase mobility. After a float massage combo, you feel like Gumby and can conquer your day with a clear mind and relaxed body.”

Rachel Hays
Rachel Hays of Anchored Massage Therapy uses a variety of techniques to help her clients. Photo courtesy: Rachel Hays

Anchored Massage Therapy – Rachel Hays BS, LMP

Rachel Hays of Anchored Massage Therapy has a style of therapeutic massage that is inspired from her physiology background. She uses Swedish massage with deep tissue and specialties such as ortho-massage, trigger point therapy, cupping therapy, Gua Sha, and neuromuscular re-education. Rachel also agrees that the combination of both massage and floating have great benefits to the body and mind. “Floating is a great tool for not only the body, but also the mind,” she says. “It gives you a chance to slow things down and really focus on what is bothering you. A lot of times, anxiety and stress are the triggers that make you feel like you need to hold your shoulders up to your ears which in turn gives you some back or neck pain. Forming those connections helps me as a therapist resolve unwanted agonies throughout the body and treat them.”

Trisha McCarthy
Trisha of Magnolia Massage Therapy makes sure her treatments are based on the needs of the client. Photo courtesy: Trisha McCarthy

Magnolia Massage Therapy – Trisha McCarthy LMP

Trisha McCarthy of Magnolia Massage Therapy specializes in treatment focused massage therapy. She combines traditional manual therapy with cupping therapy, as well as Gua Sha to meet her patients’ needs. “I am a huge advocate for patient care,” she says. “Massage therapy should be easily accessible as well as affordable for everyone. I take a personal interest in every patient’s treatment with me. No two patients are the same, therefore, no two sessions will be the same.” She likes to explain to her patients that the synergy between the massage and floating will have them feeling like “butter on a hot biscuit.” “It truly is a perfect pairing,” she adds.

Brook Reyns
Brook Reyns is a functional nutritionist that looks to determine the root cause of illnesses rather than treat symptoms. Photo courtesy: Winsome Sincerity

Foodtrek Holistic Nutrition – Brook Reyns BS, NTP

Brook Reyns from Foodtrek Holistic Nutrition is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. “Functional nutrition considers the body from the point of proper function,” she explains, “aiming to get to the root cause of dysfunction and illness, not to just chase symptoms. While I do coach clients through dietary change and steer them toward a whole foods lifestyle, the emphasis of my practice is to help people who are suffering with chronic health conditions and to give them the tools they need for their bodies to heal themselves.”

When discussing the benefits of both floating and nutrition, Brook believes that two go hand in hand. “I have a strong emphasis in my practice on digestive healing,” she says. “Since digestion and the restoration and repair of the digestive tract only happens when we’re relaxed, it’s hard for that to happen for people in our stressed out lives. Floating can get us to a place help where the healing process can begin. And the magnesium used in the cabins is absorbed in the body and a necessary mineral and nutritional component for so many processes in the body.

Having a massage and a meeting with a nutritional therapist, take a float from Uncharted Waters to the next level. The next time you book an appointment for some time in the float cabin, be sure to include these extra modalities that will surely increase your well-being.

Uncharted Waters is located at 3837 S 12th Street in Tacoma. To book an appointment, visit Uncharted Waters Float Center’s website or call 253-330-8815.


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