The month of March was filled with rain around every corner, but that didn’t stop our readers from getting inspired about what to do when the rain stops (or while it keeps going because – let’s face it – this year it might never stop)! This month’s top pieces include tasty food, succulent sweets, inspiring local groups and cool new things to do.

Read on to find out what March’s top stories were!

1. Tacoma’s Food Trucks – Where to Find Them and Trucks to Check Out

South Beach Food Truck
South Beach Cuisine and Espresso, owned by James and Jennifer Covello, brings a taste of Miami to the Pacific Northwest crowd with a Cuban-themed menu of burgers and sandwiches. Photo courtesy: WSFTA

Finding a food truck can be like finding a diamond in the rough if you don’t know where to look. Some of us have never even seen them in the wild. Where are they all hiding, you might ask? Let us help you learn about where to find Tacoma’s food trucks and which ones have tasty grub worth trying out!

2. The Sweet Smell of Tacoma’s Chocolatey Past

Johnson Candy Co Tacoma
Johnson Candy Co. has anchored the Hilltop for generations. Photo credit: Steve Dunkelberger

A century ago, Tacoma was the candy capital of the world with ties to some of the great brands in sweets. This fun fact was not because of our craving for sweets, but because of our cool climate (ideal for chocolate!) and standing as a transportation hub. When it comes down to it, the city’s candy history tells the story of Tacoma itself.

3. Tacoma’s First Annual Rock Camp for Girls

Harlie and Casi
Harlie (left) and Casi (right) are the faces of the Tacoma Girls’ Rock Camp. Photo courtesy:

Born from the urban beat of Tacoma, the sprout of a girls’ rock camp has emerged. Inspired by the popular camps for girls that are springing up across the world, Harlie Carter and Casi Brown decided it was their turn to bring girls together with the power of music. From screen printing band t-shirts to creating an original song for a camp-end performance, Harlie and Casi aim to provide an environment of empowerment and musical education for up to 30 girls between the ages of 9 and 13.

4. Editor’s Choice: Triple Knock Pinball Bar in Tacoma Brings Locals Together

Triple Knock Tacoma
Locals enjoy drinks, pinball and social interaction indoors on a rainy afternoon. Photo credit: Ily Goyanes

Any day or night of the week, you will find Tacoma residents gathering to drink, talk and play at the Triple Knock pinball bar on Sixth Avenue, but seeing dozens of people hanging out at a pinball bar would’ve been impossible to even imagine a couple of years ago, as pinball might have been seen as a thing of the past, a relic in the era of more modern video games.

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