Being Green is a Part of Everyday Business for Ana Ramirez and Green Home Solutions

Green Home Solutions is a popular franchise on the East Coast for ridding homes of mold and bacteria using safe and environmentally friendly methods. Thanks to Ana Ramirez, this technology is now available to local residents.

Ana Ramirez had been working as a dental hygienist for 20 years when she was presented with the opportunity to open this franchise.  Ramirez was drawn to Green Home Solutions because the company uses breakthrough technology to identify and eliminate impurities using environmentally “green” enzyme-based products that are registered with the EPA. Her partner Duane Boggs, owner of Boggs Inspections Service, knew there was a need for honest and reliable mold mitigation services in the area.

Green Home Solutions
Partners in Green Home Solutions, Ana and Duane. Photo courtesy: Green Home Solutions

The Green Home Solutions co-owner seeks environmentally safe products in her personal life, from household surface cleaning solutions to clothing detergents. She is excited to offer equally safe mold elimination options to her customers, to help others live healthy and earth-friendly lives. “We are exposed to toxins and chemicals every day, and so many of the products that are used today have been developed overseas and don’t have the same rigorous safety testing that we have here in the U.S,” Ana explains.

Recently the Thurston County Chamber of Commerce gave Green Home Solutions a Thurston Green designation. This designation recognizes Ana’s commitment to the safety of the environment. Thurston Green is a partnership between the Chamber and the Thurston Climate Action Team, a program that recognizes businesses performing above and beyond in six different categories of sustainability. Thurston Green Business is a program of the cities of Lacey, Tumwater and Olympia, and the Thurston County Chamber, with support from Intercity Transit, the Port of Olympia and Puget Sound Energy.

According to Natasha Ashenhurst of Mosaic Marketing, “The program helps connect businesses with partners in the community that can help to lower their environmental impact – companies such as Puget Sound Energy who have low cost and sometimes free programs to promote sustainability such as LED lighting and water-saving measures.”

Green Home Solutions
Eddie Odoms and Ana Ramirez are bringing cleaner and safer homes to the Pacific Northwest. Photo courtesy: Green Home Solutions

“I was honored to receive this award from the Thurston County Chamber after only being in business for a year,” shares Ana. “I have been an advocate for healthy living most of my life, first in the dental field educating people on oral health, and now helping our clients to live in a safe and healthy environment.”

Green Home Solutions is able to treat the mold at a molecular level avoiding the use of toxic chemicals. Ana joined the Thurston County Chamber of Commerce in March of 2017. Her partner Duane Boggs spoke highly of the opportunities available through the Chamber and Ana agrees. “My first week at the chamber a fellow member offered to help me with my marketing efforts,” shares Ana. “We met for breakfast and although he wasn’t in my industry he was able to give me great ideas on creating a foundation for my business.”

“Mold is another four-letter word that no one wants to hear,” jokes Ramirez. Green Home Solutions tries to make the process as painless as possible for the homeowner. Priding themselves on their customer service, Green Home Solutions will walk each customer through the process from the initial phone call to the completion of a project, Ana ensures that the customer is fully informed and happy with the end results

Eddie Odoms
Eddie Odoms is a veteran and enjoys using his experience to improve the quality of life of local residents. Photo courtesy: Green Home Solutions

The initial consult and the treatment are each completed by certified technician Eddie Odoms. Eddie is a local resident and a US Army veteran who is thrilled to be using his years of experience to help make people make their lives better. Eddie can do mold sampling in your home, and the sample is sent to a third party accredited lab for analysis. Once a treatment plan has been determined the process can be done quickly, on average in just 2-5 days.

Ana and Eddie are both happy to call the Pacific Northwest home. Eddie is a lifelong resident and Ana is an East Coast transplant. “I fell in love with the Northwest and have made friends that are just like family,” shares Ana. Ana loves the culture, the people and the weather, which ironically is the perfect climate for breeding the mold that her company seeks to eliminate. This makes them a perfect trio!

For more information on Green Home Solutions and how they can help improve the air quality of your home call them at 360-810-5069 or visit their website.


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