Do you believe in fairies? We do.” For over a decade, The Fairy Store has been spreading magic not only throughout the Pacific Northwest, but also across the globe. Located in Lakewood, The Fairy Store is filled with wonder and all things magical.

Shirley Ritter, better known as The Fairy Godmother, owns and operates The Fairy Store, dedicating her time to bringing joy to others through fairy magic. Eight years ago, Shirley retired from her longtime nursing career after she found out the store was for sale by the original owner. The same day, she went in to see the shop for herself, the rest was history and she left as the proud new owner.

Shirley RItter
Shirley Ritter, also known as The Fairy Godmother. Photo credit: Gabriella Kinner

“I am The Fairy Godmother, and that’s the best job that anybody could ever have,” Shirley says with a smile.

The Fairy Store, also known online as, is sought out by people all over the world and aims to become the main resource internationally for all things fairy magic – from fairy houses and garden supplies, to apparel and artwork, to children’s costumes and so much more. A common misconception is that The Fairy Store is just for kids. This store has something for everyone and carries more than 6,000 one-of-a-kind fairy products. The Fairy Store keeps its entire inventory in-shop, which allows them to fulfill their worldwide shipments daily. Each order is beautifully packaged, complete with the store’s signature purple tissue paper, fairy dust and tied with a ribbon.

“Even the people who can’t come by in person, we want them to have a good experience when they receive their package,” Shirley says.

The Fairy Store
The Fairy Store carries over 3,000 unique fairy products. Photo credit: Gabriella Kinner

Whether you are preparing for a visit from the Tooth Fairy or are looking for a specific collectible item, The Fairy Store is your one-stop shop with a product for every occasion. From home decor and party supplies to Tinker Bell and tutus, immerse yourself in a world of folklore and whimsy. The Fairy Store carries coloring books, activity kits, dolls, puzzles and fantastic novelty items for the youngest fairy magic lovers. Choose from a variety of captivating books, charming CDs and unique jewelry; or add a touch of magic to your garden by picking out the perfect fairy in hopes that a fairy will call it home sweet home.

Fairy lovers can find beautiful clothing and accessories in store, such as scarves, umbrellas and bags. Treat yourself to their unique assortment of jewelry that ranges from necklaces, earrings, bracelets, steampunk-inspired pieces, sterling silver and costume jewelry.

The Fairy Store in Lakewood
The Fairy Store is centrally located in Lakewood near the Regal Cinemas. Photo credit: Gabriella Kinner

The Fairy Store knows just how to turn your garden into an enchanted sanctuary with collections of wind chimes, garden statues and more. Fairy puzzles, Tarot decks and other mystical creatures can also be found at the store. Find the perfect gift for the mermaid and unicorn lovers in your life, too, or select a gnome sure to bring joy to your home.  “I particularly love the flower fairies and fairy dust that we have in store,” Shirley tells us.

From their fantastic products to the relaxing music playing in the shop, The Fairy Store is dedicated to enlightening customer’s hearts with all things fantastical. “The Fairy Store is a place where many people come to seek solace,” says Debbie Barham who also works in the store.  “It’s about the whole experience.”

 Ritter and Debbie Barnham
The Fairy Store’s Shirley Ritter and Debbie Barham. Photo credit: Gabriella Kinner

No experience is complete without being sprinkled with sparkling fairy dust by The Fairy Godmother. “Fairy dust inspires us to believe in our dreams and expect the magical,” Shirley says. Each customer gets to choose from a variety of sparkle colors and is guaranteed to leave with a smile from ear to ear, even on their worst day. “The fairy dust really helps people smile,” she explains. “We have people come in simply because they just need to have a fix; a fairy fix! There’s just a lot of bad stuff that goes on outside in the world and people need a safe haven.”

Enjoy all of the beauty, magic and enchantment that The Fairy Store has to offer firsthand by visiting their shop at 2202 84th Street S in Lakewood or take a look at their store


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