Submitted by Pierce Transit

On Wed., Oct. 10 Pierce Transit revealed the new bus wrap that people will see at local events and on routes around the South Sound for the next several years. The theme of the newly-wrapped bus is “South Sound Proud,” and encourages people to “Live Like the Mountain is Out.”

The South Sound Proud campaign is fueled by South Sound Together, a group of more than two dozen local businesses and institutions that are working together to spread the good news about South Sound through advertising and by sharing stories about what makes this community a great place to live and do business. Pierce Transit CEO Sue Dreier is a member of the South Sound Together Board.

“Pierce Transit has been serving the South Sound for almost forty years, and we are thrilled to be part of a campaign that proclaims how proud we are to be part of this community,” said Dreier. “What better tool could there be than a bus to spread this message around Pierce County every day?”

“We’re pleased to have Pierce Transit join our campaign to promote and improve the South Sound as a place to work and live,” said Mark Pagano, chancellor at the University of Washington – Tacoma, which has been a South Sound Together partner from the beginning.  “Last year they hosted almost ten million rides to help South Sound residents ‘Live Like the Mountain is Out,’ on their way to work, school, entertainment or to visit a friend. In that way they’re helping the South Sound move to the future.”

The new South Sound Proud bus will not be assigned to a specific route; rather, it will travel on various bus routes throughout the Pierce Transit service area. It will also participate in numerous community events in the years ahead.

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