Each January as the New Year rolls around, we often make resolutions aimed at improving things like our health or finances, or at removing bad habits or adding new habits. Not surprisingly, working out is a common resolution people make, yet fail to follow through. And yet, working out has an array of benefits – help with weight loss, increasing flexibility, boosting confidence, as well as enhancing mood and energy levels.

oly orthoIf one of your resolutions was to work out more often (or even if it wasn’t), Tacoma offers a wide variety of places to break a sweat, improve your mobility and flexibility, build strength and raise your overall wellness.

Handlebar Cycling Studio

Handlebar Cycling Studio is currently Tacoma’s only indoor cycling studio, and the establishment offers an exhilarating and fun experience for all ages and fitness levels. Indoor cycling has similar aerobic health benefits to the body as running, but without the impact to the knees, hips and ankles. Plus, indoor cycling classes often feature upbeat music and a motivational instructor, ensuring that you keep your heart rate and interest level up.

Handlebar Cycling Studio is located at 715 Commerce Street and can be reached by phone 971-237-3470 or find them on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Antigravity yoga karma
Participants in a yoga class taught at the Good Karma Center for Joy can choose from a variety of yoga classes, like antigravity fitness aerial yoga. Photo credit: Priscilla Jaeger

Good Karma Center for Joy

Good Karma Center for Joy offers a variety of classes that help improve the mind/body connection, improve flexibility, reduce stress and increase overall wellness. The center has several instructors who specialize in a number of styles of yoga and meditation. Instructor Priscilla Jaeger aims to help those she instructs to reconnect the body and mind through breath, Asana (poses) and meditation. A few of the different kinds of yoga offered at the center include antigravity fitness aerial yoga, which is where participants are suspended in a special hammock, as well as a type of therapeutic yoga, and much more.

Good Karma Center for Joy is located at 711 St. Helens Avenue, Suite 102. Call them at 253-468-4003, or find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Athena Vertical Dance
Athena Vertical Dance in downtown Tacoma offers a variety of classes, from pole and aerial dancing, to buti yoga. Photo courtesy: Athena Vertical Dance

Athena Vertical Dance

Located in downtown Tacoma, Athena Vertical Dance offers a variety of unique fitness classes in a fun, supportive environment. Athena offers classes such as pole dancing, aerial classes, buti yoga and a variety of dance classes. Buti yoga has gained popularity in the US in recent years, partly due to its combination of tribal dance moves, cardio sprints and yoga poses. Other classes offered are sexy flow, which is a dance class that fuses cardio with fun, as well as aerial hoop, silks and rope sessions. The aerial classes aim to build strength and conditioning, using your body in graceful, fluid movements, all while suspended on a hoop, silk, hammock or rope.

Athena Vertical Dance is located at 715 Commerce Street. Call them at 360-621-5177, or find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Town Athletics/Tacoma CrossFit
Town Athletics/Tacoma CrossFit has daily CrossFit sessions, as well as weightlifting and open gym times. Photo courtesy: Town Athletics/Tacoma CrossFit

Town Athletics/Tacoma CrossFit

Town Athletics/Tacoma CrossFit offers small classes capped at 12 people, with exercises that are suitable for all fitness levels. Town Athletics offers CrossFit sessions, which is a trademarked high intensity fitness program that incorporates elements from several sports and types of exercise. Additionally, there are also open gym times, for those who want to get a workout in without being in a specific class or session. The establishment also offers one-on-one sessions that address fitness goals, nutritional coaching, and tips for perfecting your weightlifting and CrossFit skills.

Town Athletics/Tacoma CrossFit is located at 3914 Sixth Avenue and can be reached at 253- 987-6813, as well as on on Facebook Twitter and Instagram.

Super Studio 253

With offerings like kickboxing, barre and high intensity interval training, Super Studio 253 has classes perfect for every age, skill and interest level. Kickboxing combines cardio with boxing moves and a weighted boxing bag. Barre classes blend pilates, ballet, cardio sculpting moves, and yoga to tone and sculpt while burning calories. There are also HIIT classes, which stands for high intensity interval training and the goal of this class is getting your heart rate up, while improving your aerobic and strength conditioning. The studio also offers yoga classes, to improve your flexibility, as well as rowing classes to build strength in a low-impact way.

Super Studio 253 is located at 915 Pacific Avenue and can be reached at 253-370-1962. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

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