The Staff at One Woman Spa Aim to Make Customers Look and Feel Their Best

Rose Nunn One Woman Spa
Rose Nunn opened One Woman Spa at age 24 and has grown the business to the point it is today. Photo credit: Amanda Bretz

The staff at One Woman Spa come from diverse backgrounds, but the common thread they all share is the desire to help people feel and look their best. Whether that’s through massage therapy, waxing treatments or lashes, or simply providing great customer service, the staff is committed to keeping their customers feeling great.

Rose Nunn

One Woman Spa owner Rose Nunn got her start in the industry right after graduating high school. Once she became a licensed massage therapist, her career path took a bit of a winding route. She learned to do nails and became an esthetician, then started One Woman Spa as a single mom at age 24, and hasn’t looked back.

After six years in a smaller space, she decided to take a leap of faith and moved into her current location. She believed if she went for the larger space, the clientele and other practitioners to rent the space would follow, and that bet paid off.

“I kinda did the Field of Dreams thing with it,” she says.

Brandy One Woman Spa
Brandy McDaniel has worked as a massage therapist for 20 years and spent the last three years of her career at One Woman Spa. Photo credit: One Woman Spa

Brandy McDaniel

2019 marks Brandy McDaniel’s 20th year as a massage therapist. Although she has only worked at One Woman Spa since 2016, she and Rose met while attending the same massage therapy program.

Brandy admits it’s the combination of people and massage that’s kept her in the field 20 years. In particular, she gets a sense of pride from seeing the way her clients progress through massage therapy. 

“I enjoy getting people back to where they can be, and seeing their physical limitations resolved,” she says.

Besides massage and her clients, family is the number one thing in her life, although she admits that a lot of her clients have become like family. And making her own schedule allows her to spend time with her family. In addition to family and her work, Brandy enjoys travel and loves to visit Hawaii.

Julia One Woman Spa
Julia Crisostomo does lashes and skin care at One Woman Spa. Photo credit: One Woman Spa

Julia Crisostomo

An esthetician since 2016, Julia Crisostomo is the only lash artist at the spa. In addition to lashes, Julia also performs facials and waxing treatments.

She hasn’t always worked in the beauty industry, yet always knew she wanted to, but was unsure the path. When she came across an esthetician program description in a school catalog, she felt it was what she wanted to do with her life.

“I was struck by the healing aspects of skin care,” she says, “but also it’s a personal service and it takes a lot of trust.”

What she likes most about her career is the opportunity to work with people one on one and help them feel better about being in their own skin. She was hired on in 2019, but feels as though she has found her tribe working at the spa.

Julia is a mother of three, and when she’s not working or spending time with her family, she enjoys music. She plays guitar, sings and admits her secret dream is to be a rock star.

Heather One Woman Spa
Heather Ferrel has been a massage therapist for 20 years and is also a birth doula. Photo credit: One Woman Spa

Heather Ferrel

With over 20 years in massage, Heather Ferrel got her start in the chiropractic field. Although she enjoyed her time in that industry, her current role is a better fit because it’s in a less clinical environment and clients are choosing treatments to feel better all around, rather than seeing her because they’ve suffered an accident or injury.

What drew Heather to work at One Woman Spa is a combination of knowing Rose (they’ve been acquainted for almost a decade) and her admiration for the vibe Rose has created in her business.

In addition to being a massage therapist, Heather is also a birth doula, and often combines her massage and doula work. As far back as childhood, she knew she had the healing touch, and she’s always been confident in her ability.

“I’ve always been drawn to massage therapy and believe I was put on this earth to do massage.”

Besides massage and her doula work, she enjoys creating things in crochet like newborn hats and blankets, as well as Japanese amigurumi crochet animals.

Alex One Woman Spa
As the receptionist, Alex Kesler wears many hats throughout her day, but no matter her role, her goal is providing outstanding customer service to spa clients. Photo credit: One Woman Spa

Alex Kesler

Drawing on her 19 years of customer service work, Alex Kesler does all she can to help clients get the services they need. She is the first point of contact customers have when they call the spa to make an appointment.

Alex says her title all depends on what hat she’s wearing at any moment. She’s the spa receptionist, but also manages Rose’s schedule, the spa’s social media accounts, inventory and more. While it might sound like a lot for one person to take on, Alex wouldn’t have her job any other way.

“It suits my personality very well. I’m very type A, and I like to plan and list everything out,” she admits. 

Alex’s husband and Rose have known each other since they were teens, and over time Alex has watched One Woman Spa grow. Three years ago, Rose approached her about answering calls, and as the business has grown, she’s taken on more responsibilities. 

A mother of three kids, Alex says she and her family love to camp. They have a trailer camper and property in Ocean Shores that they use as often as they can.

One Woman Spa is located at 6240 Tacoma Mall Boulevard. Reach the spa by calling, 253-474-3569, visiting the website or on Instagram and Facebook.


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