Our home is probably the biggest purchase we’ll ever make, yet navigating the process is daunting. There are contracts, legalese, inspections, negotiations and bidding wars. Sure, you can go at it alone when buying or selling, but a knowledgeable professional can answer questions, explain risks, and walk you through the entire process. Local Ron Rougeaux of eXp Realty shares his experience and advocates for folks each and every day.

Boggs eXp Realty
Ron Rougeaux of eXp Realty can help with your next residential, commercial, land or investment property deal. Photo courtesy: Ron Rougeaux

Rougeaux has been in the real estate industry since 2013. Starting in Colorado, he took a break to join the tennis circuit, then returned to real estate. From his time in Kindergarten at South Bay Elementary through becoming an Eagle Scout with Troop 101, being from this area is why Rougeaux chose to settle down and raise his family here.

As a full-time agent, he’s not juggling real estate around another job, so he doesn’t miss out on deals, showings or prospective opportunities. He heard about eXp Realty while working for a different firm but made the switch after a year and soon realized, “I wish I had started earlier!”

“eXp has technology and foresight but it’s not for themselves, it’s for their employees,” he explains. Once team members reach ICON status, as Rougeaux has, they start mentoring, training and helping fellow agents with the ins and outs of the market so everyone succeeds.

One benefit of experience—and working where you grew up—is knowing which local businesses are the best fit for day-to-day partnerships. No home sale is complete without an inspection and Rougeaux always turns to Boggs Inspection Services whether representing buyer or seller.

Boggs eXp Realty
Rougeaux (right) with Brent McBride (left) at the first home he sold in Olympia 8 years ago. Photo courtesy: Ron Rougeaux

“Their reports are amazing,” says Rougeaux of Boggs. “They highlight critical areas and point out what to be cautious of or what you need to be aware of. Their inspectors take the most time, two and a half to three hours versus 90 minutes for most others. This isn’t to scare off buyers but to give them all the information. It’s a personal feel, they really care. And it makes me look good to recommend someone who won’t miss anything that causes problems down the line because I want the best for my customers.”

And the Boggs team feels the same way. “After almost 100 inspections with Ron, we still have nothing but good things to say about him,” says Dwayne Boggs, owner of Boggs Inspection Services. “He is great to work with, and you can see that he really cares about his clients.”

In today’s hot Pacific Northwest property market, Rougeaux handles it all, residential, commercial, land and investment deals. eXp allows agents to hold licenses in multiple states so he’s considering adding California and Colorado to his list as well.

Having closed 52 properties last year, he likes to keep between 10 and 12 always pending in his portfolio. This gives Rougeaux key insights into the most popular trends out there.

Boggs eXp Realty
Rougeaux (left) With Corey Clark (right) at Ron’s new office in downtown Olympia at 1718 4th. Photo courtesy: Ron Rougeaux

For Sale by Owner

In the current real estate market, it may seem tempting to sell your home by owner and maximize profits while things are red hot. But flying solo brings challenges homeowners may not have considered. “By owner is tough,” shares Rougeaux, “there are a lot of negotiations, especially in bidding wars. An agent who is smart could eat the owner alive.”

“Sellers need to decipher forms, inspection periods, contracts and offers, and owners can get very overwhelmed,” he adds. One option to streamline the process is eXp’s ExpressOffers. This is where the home is listed but open to only cash offers. There’s no showing or extraneous work, just photographs and the selection of their preferred offer. These homes are also advertised to buyers nationwide via eXp’s website.

Big or Small, Hell List it All

As he’s watched our region grow over the years, Rougeaux believes in offering the same high-quality service to everyone. “Whether $1.5 million in Gig Harbor or a $200,000 manufactured home, my clients get the same photographs and attention to detail; there’s no difference,” he says. Whatever your property needs, reach out with questions and he’ll be happy to walk you through the process and available options.

Boggs eXp Realty
Ron and wife Brandy attended eXp Con in 2021 to learn about industry trends, company updates and what to expect in the months ahead. Photo courtesy: Ron Rougeaux

Commercial Growth

“Commercial has boomed,” says Rougeaux, “it’s busier than ever! This is the best time to buy in Olympia.” He explains that there are available areas designated Opportunity Zones by the Washington State Department of Commerce. This allows commercial buyers to defer paying taxes on capital gains invested in these areas which are on the verge of tremendous growth and revitalization.

Your Agent = Your Choice

Home sales involve lots of paperwork on both sides of the deal. But did you know you can cancel the listing or fire your agent at any part of the initial process? “You’re not stuck, and you don’t have to take an offer,” says Rougeaux. “If we don’t get along, you can fire me. It’s important to work with someone you like and trust to have your best interest at heart. I can also clean up listings from agents you’ve let go so you don’t lose money along the way because of their mess.”

Want to learn more or chat about property ideas in your future? Reach out by calling 360.338.8355 or captainronjr@gmail.com. You can also stream his YouTube channel or the PNW Homes Group website.


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