Tennis and other racquet sports require agility, strength, flexibility and speed. At whatever level you play, the repetitive motions, along with powerful stops and starts, can challenge your body. Chiropractic care can both improve your play and reduce or prevent injuries. Phoenix Rising Wellness Center wants to keep you in top form. It’s not only your neck and spine that Dr. Shamika Cordis can check but also your extremities: knees, ankles, wrists, elbows, shoulders and feet. In fact, she would like to be part of your first-line care.

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Arms, shoulders and wrists can get sore and become injured with repetitive sports action. Dr. Shamika Cordis of Phoenix Rising Wellness Center can help you improve your mobility and your whole game. Photo courtesy: Phoenix Rising Wellness Center

Common Pain from Racquet Sports

Literally, millions of people of all ages are playing pickleball. It is not a surprise that many are experiencing soreness or find that continuous play has resulted in an injury. Tennis elbow is well-known, but there are tennis leg and jumper’s knee. Shoulder stiffness or imbalance, distressed rotator cuffs, as well as pain in the lower back are common. The problem might be anywhere in the body. Cordis likes to look at a person’s whole body. “We know if that whole kinetic chain is not moving correctly, movement is not optimal,” she says.

The assessment might start from the feet and move up. Attention is put on the ligaments, tendons and muscles. Players want to be able to plant their feet to get more power in their swing. The hard playing surfaces, along with continuous torquing and twisting, are tough on the body. Chiropractic adjustments can reduce pain, inflammation and soreness, helping to improve range of motion and flexibility.

Small Chiropractic Adjustment Provides Big Relief

Experience has shown Cordis that sometimes, a very small adjustment makes a big difference. You might think changing your swing technique could improve your game. A shoulder adjustment might be all that’s needed for a better result with the swing you already use.  The metatarsal bones of the foot may have pain from injury, arthritis or simply normal wear and tear. Chiropractic care can help the movement of your feet, which translates to more comfort and ease. Cordis often hears, “This activity never bothered me before.” That is probably true. However, repetitive activities and time leave their marks.

Cordis also pays attention to the knees and ankles. Then come the hips. She will check your wrists and elbows. Restrictions and soreness are no fun. “You improve your technique by adjusting little things,” she says. Her knowledge of anatomy, studying a person’s range of motion, and palpations on the body help her find the trouble areas.

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Small arm adjustments can impact your swing in a big way. Phoenix Rising Wellness Center works with athletes of all levels and ages. Photo courtesy: Phoenix Rising Wellness Center

Active Recovery is Important

After an intense workout session or game, taking time to cool down can aid in your recovery. Simply walking a bit to get your heart rate down is great. Active recovery is also for days when you are not doing your usual workout. If you’re a tennis player, you might ride a bike, swim, or do yoga. It changes the movement in your body and stills gets blood into your muscles, burns calories and speeds recovery. You’ll reduce stiffness much more effectively than sitting on the couch all day, though a full day of rest is welcome from time to time.

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Chiropractic care at Phoenix Rising Wellness Center addresses your whole body and can get you on a path for reduced pain, greater mobility and greater ease in motion. Photo courtesy: Phoenix Rising Wellness Center

Eat to Lower Inflammation

“Nutrition is a really big thing,” says Cordis. The foods you eat can reduce inflammation or turn it up. Foods that promote optimal health are whole, unprocessed and free of added sugars. Your body will appreciate a variety of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, herbs, spices, whole grains and small amounts of carefully selected animal products. Even modest changes like substituting sugared soda and energy drinks for plain tea will make a significant difference in your inflammation levels. Lowering your amounts of red and processed meats along with refined carbohydrates is also beneficial. Phoenix Rising Wellness has several basic supplements available, and Cordis is happy to talk with you about them.

“I love sports. I want people to enjoy their activities,” notes Cordis. She can relate to the athlete’s mindset when a condition is not improving. It can be frustrating. “Together, we can improve what is going on for you.” Even with conditions like osteoarthritis, she believes she can improve your mobility and reduce the pain.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or spend lots of time at the gym, Phoenix Rising Wellness can show you the many benefits of chiropractic care. You can address a nagging pain from a previous injury, improve your recovery and hopefully prevent injuries that might keep you off the court and keep you fully engage in all the areas of your life.

Phoenix Rising Wellness is a family provider. Dr Shamika Cordis enjoys seeing infants, their grandparents and everyone in between. Visit the Phoenix Rising Wellness website for further information.

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