Ashley O’Brien Builds Leaders as President of the Women’s Council of Realtors Pierce County

Sometimes we discover our calling almost by mistake. But finding the career that fits like your favorite pair of jeans is a true delight. Ashley O’Brien started in real estate because of the flexible, mom-friendly hours. But she’s gone on to experience nearly every aspect of the career and is enjoying her second term as president of the Women’s Council of Realtors Pierce County.

O’Brien brings a wealth of understanding to the role and loves the opportunity to bring other local realtors together for networking, education and friendship.

Ashley O’Brien (pictured) is a realtor and two-time president of the Women’s Council of Realtors Pierce County. She has worked in nearly every role within the field and loves sharing what she’s learned over the years. Photo courtesy: Ashley O’Brien

Understanding the Ins and Outs of South Sound Real Estate with Ashley O’Brien

When she started in the field, it was to help out a friend in the industry. O’Brien worked as a real estate transaction coordinator from home because the flexible hours were well-suited to parenting. But after a few months, she recalls, “I realized I wanted to work more directly with the clients and be more hands-on in the process, so I decided to get my real estate license and become a realtor.”

Since 2016, O’Brien has been a solo agent, worked side-by-side with others and even overseen a team of fellow real estate professionals. “I feel like my experience in all of those seasons helps me to be the agent I am today,” she says.

Living in Puyallup, she has sold homes from Seattle to Winlock and Gig Harbor. The majority of her families are first-time home buyers and O’Brien says it’s exciting and rewarding to help people invest in their first piece of real estate.

Ashley O’Brien is supported by her active-duty Coast Guard husband and three children (pictured). They love living and working in Western Washington and helping other families put down roots too. Photo courtesy: Ashley O’Brien

Ashley O’Brien: Leading the Women’s Council of Realtors Pierce County for the Second Time

The Women’s Council of Realtors is a nationwide association which started in 1938. Today there are 13,000 members and more than 250 local and state branches that focus on advancing realtors through education and development opportunities, networking, culture and events.

O’Brien joined in 2018 for the chance to travel and learn with a like-minded group of hardworking colleagues. Before long, she was on the Board of Directors and, in 2020, took the reins as president for the first time. “Unfortunately, I would end up having to figure out how to lead a networking group that could no longer network in person since the world shut down,” she recalls. “That year didn’t go according to plan, as is life, but we pivoted and help meetings online and continued to try to bring value to our membership through educational meetings with speakers via Zoom.”

She was asked to lead as president again in 2024 and says that, once again, it’s been amazing. O’Brien says they hold monthly luncheons with engaging speakers or panels focusing on a specific topic meant to help agents grow and expand their knowledge and skill set. “Contrary to popular belief, we also allow men to join our network, as well as other industry professionals: lenders, title and escrow representatives, inspectors, home stagers and more,” she adds.

The Women’s Council of Realtors Pierce County supports many small businesses, charities, non-profits and local sponsorships. They volunteer, give back and host an annual gala for a charity of the president’s choice. This year they raised more than $14,000 for Ben’s Fund, an organization supporting autistic children with therapies and equipment.

large group of women in fancy dresses and hats pose for a photo
As president of the Women’s Council of Realtors Pierce County, Ashley O’Brien works with many people in the industry…and not all women. This year’s fundraising gala was Derby-themed and held at Emerald Downs. Photo courtesy: Ashley O’Brien

Monthly educational events draw between 100 to 200 attendees and receive high praise. Topics have included maintaining longevity in the field, how to use artificial intelligence, tax information, ADUs and upcoming design trends.

Building Partnerships Across Western Washington to Benefit Local Families

O’Brien and the Women’s Council of Realtors work with many local experts in the building and real estate marketplace. Dwayne Boggs and Ana Ramirez from Boggs Inspection Services are grateful for the organization’s impact in Thurston County. “We appreciate WCR’s unwavering support and valued partnership,” says Boggs. “This collaboration has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals and drive meaningful progress. We are excited to continue our successful partnership and achieve even greater success together.”

And meaningful progress truly is achievable when families partner with a Women’s Council of Realtors Pierce County representative like O’Brien to buy their first, next or forever home. O’Brien encourages first-timers to take the plunge. “The best time to buy real estate is whenever you can buy real estate,” she says. “Owning property will only help you acquire more real estate or be able to fund your future home. Consumers focus so much on interest rates, and understandably so, but if you are in a position to buy real estate it will only help you in the future. You can always refinance to a lower rate, but taking the first step to becoming a homeowner gives you so much power to be able to make future real estate decisions for you or your family.”

When you’re ready to take that step, give O’Brien a call at 253.223.2816 today. She’s also happy to answer questions or provide information about joining the Women’s Council of Realtors Pierce County. Because working together, everyone wins. And when you do find that perfect home, contact Boggs Inspection Services at 360.480.9602 or schedule a free quote online.