How Can We Stop From Singing?

05/29/2021 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Symphony Tacoma Youtube Page
901 Broadway
Suite 600
Symphony Tacoma

Symphony Tacoma Voices returns with their first performance gathered together since 2019. Recorded in Tacoma’s First Presbyterian Church, this concert presents three songs that reflect the challenging and heroic work that this group and choirs everywhere have undertaken over the last fifteen months.

Morten Lauridsen’s Sure on This Shining Night speaks of wonder in simple things and treasuring that which we otherwise take for granted. No Time (arranged by Sarah Blumfield) is an inspiring combination of three early American camp meeting songs: Rise O Fathers Rise, No Time to Tarry Here, and Brothers O Fare Thee Well. Each song speaks of the journey of life, and that we are all moving together through it. Rollo Dilworth’s Shine on Me is a popular African American blues-gospel tune with a hopeful message, sung by down-trodden and mistreated neighbors, providing inspiration to all.

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