Military spouses are the ones who take care of others, but who is there to take care of them? This was the question that prompted Alana Le and Megan Casper to create The Six Box, a unique monthly subscription care package sent to the military spouses holding up the fort back at home.

pierce-college-logoThe two women come from unlikely backgrounds, one from Florida, one from Seattle, but united in the military community and their passion to bring comfort to military spouses. Both stationed at JBLM, they met at a farewell party in 2014 and a meeting over coffee in February 2016 was all it took to spark their business idea. The Six Box name was inspired by the common military phrase “Got your six,” which means “Got your back.”

Alana Le
Alana Le is co-founder of The Six Box, a unique “reverse” care package to send home to military spouses holding up the fort. Photo credit: Autumn Marie Photography.

If you’re a military spouse, then you know how difficult life can be. Some may be 3,000+ miles from home, with kids to care for, a job and a deployed spouse, trying to make ends meet and stretching yourself to the limit.

“The idea behind it is that we would create a way for family and friends, spouses, and others to support military spouses that are going through a hard time,” says Alana. “If a friend’s husband is deployed and she’s having a rough time, and you’re in a different state, what can a text really do? It means a lot, but people want to do something more practical to say they’re thinking of you.”

And just like that, Alana and Megan rolled up their sleeves and set out to turn their living rooms into a packaging facility. This unique way to support military spouses has become their personal mission.

“Military spouses feel isolated and wonder if the country really cares about what we’re going through or what we sacrifice,” Alana explains. These boxes are meant to comfort spouses, not just during a deployment, but also during a PCS move and more.

“Maybe you know someone who is having a hard time or maybe in a season of loneliness because all of their friends have moved on to other posts and they just need more encouragement,” says Megan.

Megan Casper
Megan Casper, military spouse, mother and full-time worker, is co-founder of The Six Box. Photo courtesy: Megan Casper.

The Six Box is $39.95 and contains items to pamper and encourage you. “Each month’s theme changes, but there are always six items: two spa/beauty products, whether it’s a face mask, nail polish or hair accessory. There’s a snack. It could be a chocolate bar, popcorn or granola bar, something you can eat right away and just indulge right there,” says Megan.

Each box also contains a special inspirational print, written by Alana, which people can frame. “Six gifts since the military spouse has your six,” Alana continues. There is also an option to purchase a monthly subscription at a discounted rate of $35.95 a month and can be cancelled at any time.

The item that is most unique is the monthly journal included in the box. “I’ve never seen a journal in a care package or subscription box service,” says Megan. Written each month, it contains quotes that are inspired by something they’re going through and is a prompt to help you think more about your dreams and goals, whether it’s little or big. “We want you reinvest in yourself and take more intentional time to think about you rather than just running around after everyone else,” Megan says.

The first box shipped in August and received rave reviews. “They have told us that this is a great idea and they haven’t seen anything like this before.” According to Alana and Megan, many say they cry and tear up to think that someone thought of them. “Whether it’s a custom note that someone has submitted with their order or a note that we have written to that particular person, everyone gets a handwritten note. So most recipients feel touched and honored that someone thought of them and that they have a sweet little package just for them,” says Megan.

You will not find sample sized items in the boxes either. The Six Box aims to provide you with full size products to enjoy for the entire month or longer.

“Husbands really care. Friends really care. Military spouses may feel isolated, but people really do care about us,” says Alana. This provides a way for husbands, friends and family members to make the spouse feel special.

The Six Box
The August 2016 Box was the first box to hit the market, containing six items to pamper and encourage military spouses. Photo courtesy: The Six Box.

With hundreds of vendors lined up to provide products for future boxes, Alana and Megan are excited for the future of The Six Box. “A lot of people really care and want to do something for spouses so they’re excited because we’re giving them a way to support the military community that’s also in line with their business,” says Alana.

Alana and Megan are excited to offer limited boxes this holiday season, as well as working on other themed boxes, like male spouse boxes, at some point.

If you are in the market for a unique gift, and want to support a local, military spouse run business, check out The Six Box website, or check them on Facebook and Instagram.

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