What did SouthSoundTalk readers most enjoy reading in January 2017? A bit of everything! A bit of Tacoma’s darker history? Got it. Things to do in the coming year? Sure thing! A collector who shares the secret of why adults watch My Little Pony Friendship is Magic? We’ve got that too.

Read on to see what your favorite stories in January were.

1. The Country’s Worst Streetcar Accident Took Place in Tacoma

The Delin Street hill was damp from the morning dew, making the overloaded streetcar unable to slow down. Photo credit: Steve Dunkelberger.

Did you know the nation’s worst streetcar disaster ever happened in Tacoma? Indeed it did. Independence Day in 1900 turned out to be a darker day than anyone could have anticipated. Writer Steve Dunkelberger tells the story of what happened.

2. 17 Things to do in 2017 in Pierce County

Hike the Swan Creek Trail if you enjoy elevation gain and a bit of a workout, as well as beautiful forest scenery. Photo credit: Kristin Kendle.

It’s a new year and time for a new you…or at least some new things to do. If you haven’t noticed, Tacoma and surrounding cities are filled with all kinds of good stuff. And chances are, you haven’t checked it all out yet. If you’re looking for something to do in the coming year, this list is for you.

3. Local My Little Pony Collector Shares Secret Reasons Adults Flock to a Kid Show

Here are some of Jasmine’s pony collection, which takes up a large portion of a room in her home. Photo courtesy: Jasmine Hayes

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “Brony.” Perhaps you have not. But the fact is there’s an entire culture of adults who love My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. Sure, it’s a show for kids, but what’s behind the appeal for so many adult fans? One Tacoma-area collector talks about why this is and shows off her collection.

4. Editor’s Choice: Tantalize Your Taste Buds with Tease Chocolates

Escape with rose petal truffles paired with a bath and red wine. Photo courtesy: Topher and Julie Farrell

Anytime of year, delicious locally made chocolates are a lovely thing. Tease Chocolates in Tacoma’s Stadium District makes sure Tacomans is not short on tasty treats.

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