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With a constantly expanding inventory of tools and a newly organized space in the Lincoln District, the Tacoma Tool Library operates like a traditional library, but instead of borrowing books, members borrow and share tools. Tacoma Tool Library is now recruiting new members to further their mission, expand their reach and promote tool sharing throughout Tacoma.

Photo courtesy: Tacoma Tool Library

October will kick off the first annual membership drive for the Library. “The Lincoln District, like many areas of the city, is seeing an increase in growth and investment,” says Programs Manager Britt McGrath. “This membership drive is a big step towards getting our name and our services out into the community, to let people know what we’re doing to encourage self-sufficiency while reducing waste.”

“I joined TTL because it provides an important and practical resource for the community” says Adam Gapsch, a TTL member and regular volunteer. The benefits of membership also include more than supporting the community. TTL gives members access to over 1500 tools and an online tool inventory. Rachael Brown, a TTL member appreciates the online access and benefits: “I love that the Tool Library website is so easy to use! I can always find the tool I need by looking at the inventory list.”

How can you become a member? Membership is based off of a yearly suggested donation, prospective members can donate online or at the library. Tacoma Tool Library requires all people wishing to borrow tools to fill out a liability waiver and tool use and borrowing policy during open hours at the library.

Tacoma Tool Library, a volunteer-run nonprofit, is located at 754 S 38th Street in Tacoma. Open hours are Wednesdays from 5:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Find them online at the Tacoma Tool Library website.

About Tacoma Tool Library
Tacoma Tool Library improves quality of life in the South Sound by providing tools, education, space and support to cultivate self-sufficiency while reducing waste. We believe this will lead to better looking neighborhoods, increased community involvement, a stronger sharing economy, reduced consumption, more entrepreneurship and individuals that are empowered.


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