Looking for something unique to do with the family? You’ve come to the right place. With a motto like “get dirty, Tacoma,” SPUN – a clay arts studio and gallery in Tacoma – is not only for beginners and more advanced adult potters, but also for kiddos who like to get messy and hands on.

SPUN offers kids the opportunity to get hands-on with clay on the wheel. Kids of all ages are welcome to set up a private session to get one-on-one attention on the wheel to create.

Spun Pottery
Students are involved in every step up the process in seeing their piece come to life. From shaping it from a chunk clay to the two fires, the kids are hands on throughout. Photo credit: Kris Crews

Co-owner April Saunders opened SPUN Tacoma with Jennifer English in 2014. The two grew up together and met in their high school art class.

“We always wanted to do something creative together, and one day over cocktails and some pottery work in my home studio, we decided it was time to move it to a new level,” Saunders said. “That’s how SPUN was born.”

They began as, in Saunders words, a “dive-bar pottery studio,” and quickly grew into a studio and gallery. They moved into their current location one year ago located at 1307 MLK Jr Way in Tacoma. They offer workshops, private sessions, open wheel time and also their unique classes for kids.

“[Child classes] weren’t on our original plan, but it was a happy addition,” Saunders shared.

The cost of a child session is $35.00 for the first kiddo and $20.00 for each sibling. This price includes the time in the studio as well as the supplies needed.

This session spans one hour – 30 minutes on the wheel and 30 minutes of hand building. Each session is normally with two or three kids, but they can accommodate larger groups as well. The time on the wheel is more of a private setting, giving each child individual assistance and instruction. When it comes to hand building, the kiddos are given a chunk of clay and can create whatever comes to mind. Saunders shared that some kids come in knowing exactly what they want to create, and others just want to get messy.

Spun Pottery
Kids get to hand craft anything of their choosing from a piece of clay they are provided. They can mold the clay into an object, or just get messy. Photo credit: Kris Crews

“When they see the chunk of clay, they just start squishing it,” Saunders joked.

Kids are involved in every step of the process of their project. From crafting it on the wheel, to assisting with two firing sessions, to painting and glazing it. As their creations go through the process of becoming finalized, they get to see their piece transform from clay to art.

“[The kids] are very creative. They are not afraid to try new things or of failure,” Saunders shared. “That is a very big thing in pottery — to not be afraid of failure.”

Hands on and creative is just how most kiddos like to play, so why not get them on the wheel and try out SPUN Tacoma! Call or text SPUN at 253-347-3457 or 253-905-1952 or email them at spuntacoma@gmail.com to set up a session for your littles. Visit their website to learn more.

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