Submitted by Anderson Island Park & Recreation District

Anderson Island Park & Recreation District (AIPRD) has closed its lakeside swimming spot until Pierce County enters Phase 3 of the COVID-19 reopening schedule.

Featured in many recreation articles, Lowell Johnson Park, or “The Ol’ Swimming Hole,” has steadily risen in popularity as a Puget Sound destination. With temperatures and social distancing fatigue on the rise, the park has become overcrowded. AIPRD can no longer ensure compliance with the Governor’s Phase 2 safety guidelines

“It’s a hard but necessary decision. The last thing we wanted to do was shut down a staple of island summer fun, but we recognize that our responsibility is to keep our community safe. Folks visiting this park also spill over into the ferry lanes, store, café, and restaurant, which is a problem during the pandemic,” said Chuck Hinds, AIPRD chair.  

The island’s other lakeside parks are private, so with the closure of this park, there is now no access for non-residents. The Park District is asking the public to stay close to home and visit their local parks rather than making the island a “destination” during this health crisis.


Anderson Island Park & Recreation District was established in 1968 to manage green space and recreation opportunities on the island. A separate entity from Pierce County Park & Recreation department, AIPRD is funded by Anderson Island taxpayers, run by volunteers, and operates 11 parks on the island. Learn more at

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