When Karson hurt his knee last month his mother took him straight into the convenient walk-in Rapid Orthopaedic Care clinic in Hawks Prairie. “Everyone at the ROC clinic was amazing,” shares his mother Tammi Schreiner. “The staff was wonderful and they saw us so quickly,” Schreiner adds. Although breaking a knee cap is not a fun circumstance for anyone, fortunately the Schreiners knew the quickest way to care for a broken bone is to head straight to the Rapid Orthopaedic Care clinic. A surprise to some, a visit to the emergency room is no longer necessary for sprains, strains and muscle issues. The emergency room certainly has its place for some illness and acute medical issues but if your injury is orthopaedic in nature it can be avoided altogether.

Rapid Orthopaedic Matt Marshall Rebecca Brisco
Rebecca and Matt work at both the Hawk’s Prairie and Olympia locations of ROC. Photo credit: OOA

Rapid Orthopaedic Care is affiliated with long time service providers Olympia Orthopaedic Associates. Staff at the ROC is able to quickly access an injury and provide initial care or triage. Constant communication with the physician providers make a visit to the ROC a more pleasant and much speedier experience than spending hours in the emergency room along side of other potentially very ill patients. This not only frees up staff at our local hospitals to care for those patients, but also decreases healthcare costs for everyone.

A patient visiting the Rapid Orthopaedic Care clinic is seen by a trained Physician Assistant. All three of the PAs at ROC have extensive training in broken bones, fractures and dislocations. A knowledgeable staff member can put minor dislocations such as fingers and shoulders, while painful back into place quickly. Over 90% of patients will in and out of the ROC in less than 60 minutes. If you have been to any emergency room in the country this is a surprising statistic. While we may not be thinking about the medical bill when our child has broken a bone or sprained an ankle, the bill for an urgent bill can be an unwelcome surprise. A visit to the ROC is billed as a regular appointment with a specialist.

Rapid Orthopaedic Rebecca Brisco
Rebecca Brisco and her husband enjoy exploring the area on her days off. Photo credit: Rebecca Brisco

The two newest faces to the ROC are Matt Marshall and Rebecca Brisco. While they may be new to Olympia Orthopaedics, they are not new to their profession. Rebecca Brisco came to Olympia from Dallas, Texas with her husband a retired Dallas police officer in May. They have been married for 13 years and they spent their honeymoon in the Willamette Valley. They returned to Texas but had fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest and would return five times over the next several years. When the opportunity to work with the surgeons at OOA arose, Rebecca jumped at the chance. She and her husband put their two cats in the car and drove the 2200 miles to Lacey, in what Rebecca calls, “A monumental journey.” Rebecca has no regrets and is thrilled to be living and working in her vacation destination spot. “I love the flexibility of working for OOA,” shares Rebecca. “In my prior position I was working for one surgeon and only one part of the body, now I get to do and see a wide variety of things,” she adds.

Matt Marshall is a native of the PNW and has lived in western Washington most of his life. Matt was active military and spent time as a reconnaissance squadron surgeon in the 82nd Airborne. He worked with preventative disease and training injuries discovering that he loved orthopaedics. “I love working at the Rapid Orthopaedic Clinic,” shares Matt. “The whole OOA environment is collaborative and friendly, I have good working relationships with all the surgeons and we treat each other like family,” Marshall adds. Matt and his wife Jessica live in Roy, Washington in the shadow of Mount Rainier with their three daughters ages 15, 8 and 4.

Rapid Orthopaedic Matt Marshall
Matt Marshall enjoys the family friendly environment at OOA. Photo credit: Matt Marshall

After a visit to the ROC, you can be seen by a surgeon or non–surgical sports medicine physician at Olympia Orthopaedics for further care. This is billed as a follow-up visit. Avoiding an emergency room bill is a huge cost savings to the patients. Additionally, any x-rays or other diagnostic tests that may have been ordered are all available in one place so there is no need to track down your films taken at another facility.

The Rapid Orthopaedic Care clinic opened in Hawks Prairie in September of 2016 and has been met with great enthusiasm by those in Olympia, Lacey, Yelm and Pierce County. However the location is not ideal for those patients in communities further South and those in Shelton and Grays Harbor that rely on Olympia Orthopaedics for their care. OOA heard and they have responded by opening a second ROC location on the Westside! The new Rapid Orthopaedic Care walk-in clinic will open on July 5th and will be open from 10-7 daily. Matt and Rebecca along with fellow Physician Assistant Clint Miller will work in both the Hawks Prairie and the Westside clinic. For more information on the either Rapid Orthopaedic Center visit the OOA website here.


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