As the field of orthopaedics becomes more specialized, so does Olympia Orthopaedic Associates. They have been expanding their clinic to meet the needs of our growing, active community. There are now many subspecialty clinics within the organization to serve a diverse patient population. Centers of Excellence include the Foot and Ankle Clinic and the Hand, Wrist and Elbow Center.

Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
The Sports Medicine team of Drs. Hamblin, Christ and Femiano. Photo credit: Olympia Orthopaedic Associates

Another specialized area is run by the Sports Medicine team, including both operative and non-surgical practitioners. Dr. Femiano and Dr. Hamblin have both completed fellowships in sports medicine and their commitment to continued education ensures that they are actively learning the newest procedures and techniques. One example of their cutting-edge treatment is the use of ultrasound guidance to administer a PRP or cortisone injection, providing relief and keeping athletes moving. The clinic is also looking forward to providing stem cell injections which can play a role in reducing inflammation in both hip and knee joints. Read more about PRP injections at OOA here.

Every three months a group of highly trained sports medicine doctors, primary care physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists and athletic trainers gather to discuss the latest literature and best practices in the field of Sports Medicine. These healthcare professionals work together to make sure their patients are receiving cutting edge care. You may think that this type of high level care and collaboration is only available in major metropolitan areas. However, this is all happening right here at Olympia Orthopaedic Associates.

Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
The Sports Medicine Coordinator, Rebecca McClinon worked with TOGETHER to do low fee/no fee physicals for area athletes Photo credit: Carrie Bell

“Working in partnership with local chiropractors, athletic trainers and physical therapists, we have created an umbrella of care for the physically active in the community,” explains Rebecca McClinon, OOA Sports Medicine Program Coordinator. “We are providing a multi-disciplinary, community based program,” explains McClinon. OOA provides surgical and non-surgical solutions to many of the orthopaedic issues affecting everyone from student athletes and ultra marathoners to the weekend warrior. When there is a more appropriate course, OOA can reach out to their community partners as well.

Too often people will delay seeking care for their aches and pains. Runners and bikers fear that a visit to the doctor may result in a diagnosis that sidelines their activities. Fortunately, at OOA, that is not necessarily the case. The physicians and staff are active individuals and understand that staying in the game is important to patients. Whenever possible, a less invasive techniques can be used to treat an injury or alleviate pain. A tennis elbow or the common Achilles tendinitis can be relieved with a Tenex procedure completed right in the office. A small incision is made and a vibrating burr, a brush like instrument, removes the scar tissue and creates a rapid healing response.

When surgery becomes necessary, Dr. Bradley Christ and Dr. Trent McKay have been specially trained in both minimally invasive arthroscopic treatment of key areas such as shoulders and knees as well as full replacement joint surgeries.

Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
Dr. Trent McKay is trained in minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery. Photo credit: Olympia Orthopaedic Associates

In addition to treating patients in the OOA clinic, Drs. Hamblin and Femiano are heavily involved in the community. They provide sports medicine services to the athletic departments of South Puget Sound Community College, Saint Martin’s University, The Evergreen State College and local area high schools.

Area high school and college athletes also benefit from the low-cost/no-cost sports physicals that OOA provides. “We partnered with TOGETHER!, Tumwater Family Practice, Providence Tumwater Valley Physical Therapy, Providence Sports Medicine, St. Peter Family Medicine, Tumwater Vision, Tumwater School District Health and Wellness Department and local school districts to provide these free sports physicals to as many students as possible,” explains McClinon. On one Tuesday evening at a local high school gym they completed 250 physicals in just three hours. Tumwater soccer player Sarah shares, “It was really fast and fun. We went to different stations to be tested and it saved my parents time and money, so we really appreciated the opportunity.”

OOA extends that community outreach to area events such as the Black Hills Triathlon and the Capital City Marathon as well. OOA also plans to collaborate with local school districts in their Unified Sports program. Currently providing soccer and basketball, Unified Sports joins students with and without disabilities on the same athletic team. OOA is dedicated to supporting these programs that provide social inclusion for all student athletes.

From community support to cutting-edge techniques and treatments, the team at Olympia Orthopaedic Associate’s Sports Medicine Clinic are ready to help Thurston County citizens enjoy a Life in Motion.

For more information on the Sports Medicine Clinic at OOA visit their website


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