Here, there and everywhere are antique shops of all sizes and niches in the Puyallup-Sumner area. Whether you seek vintage clothing, antique typewriters or toys from a bygone era, the local antique stores provide a unique shopping experience for residents and visitors.

Not sure where to start? Read on for a list of the antique shops in Puyallup and Sumner.

Puyallup Antique Stores

Pioneer Antique

Pioneer Antique has been in downtown Puyallup for more than 22 years and specializes in buying estate items. Within the store, shoppers can pick up unique finds like antique clocks, furniture, jewelry and more. Stop by the shop by going to 113 S Meridian.

3rd Street Antique Mall

The 3rd Street Antique Mall is a large, 15,000-square-foot building with over 80 vendors who come together to offer quite the array of antiques. The store is packed-full of antique furniture, jewelry, art, signage and music. This shop is a must-see if you want sheer variety. Visit by going to 201 3rd Street SE.

Her Shabby Chateau
Shannon Bishoff, owner of Her Shabby Chateau, loves to collect and sell Volkswagen memorabilia like this wooden, painted VW Bus. Photo credit: Shelby Beckwith

Her Shabby Chateau

Her Shabby Chateau is owned and operated by Shannon Bishoff. Shannon loves to sell original and restored antique furniture, antique home decor and classic Volkswagen memorabilia. Her Shabby Chateau is around the corner from Pioneer Park at 114 W Meeker.

King’s Row Antiques

King’s Row is a very special shop in downtown Puyallup. The store features a large variety of antique plates and glassware as well as antique clothing, art, decor and furniture. Every inch of the shop is eye-catching and there is something for everyone who stops in. King’s Row Antiques is located at 110 W Main.


Rust is a unique take on antiques in that they repurpose antique items. Items that may have previously been difficult to sell for cosmetic or practical reasons are made anew by the craftsmen at the shop. From tables to signs, shelves and decor, the shop is worth a stop if you love antiques with a twist. Visit Rust by going to 2914 E Main Avenue.

Antiques Toy Typewriter
You might find unique gift items while antiquing – like this Mark Toys toy typewriter from the 1930s. Photo credit: Shelby Beckwith

Victoria Sells Antique Mall

Victoria Sells Antique Mall has more than 10,000 square feet of antiques with over 25 vendors providing items for sale. The mall features a large collection of items from the good ol’ days like jewelry, lamps, furniture, and is a great place to explore. Stop by at 125 S Meridian.

Sumner Antique Stores

Off the Beaten Path

Off the Beaten Path is a sizable antique mall located on Sumner’s Main Street. Surrounded by other antique stores, specialty shops, novelty shops and places to eat, Off the Beaten Path is a perfect shop to pick up something very special while exploring downtown Sumner. Joanne Loudin, owner of the shop and vice president of the Sumner Downtown Promotion Association, explains how the store is a collection of more than 40 vendors who bring in and set up displays of their own merchandise. Because the store is a collective, it provides customers with ample opportunities for finding all kinds of items. Joanne says, “We want to give everyone the ability to find something great, take it home and enjoy it.” Stop by to find a special treasure at Off the Beaten Path by going to 1109 Main Street.

Off the Beaten Path Antiques
So many generations of girls remember this iconic Raggedy Ann doll from their childhood and Off the Beaten Path has a great collection of her memorabilia. Photo credit: Shelby Beckwith

Out of the Attic

Out of the Attic is a great place to find an eclectic assortment of antique treats. The shop owner, Debbi Lund, explains how they are antique-loving squirrels who love older items and sharing their treasures with customers – they even have a squirrel on their business card. Debbi says, “We just enjoy the excitement of our customers taking home a piece of our furniture. We love their excitement.” Debbi and staff restore and repurpose antique furniture and have many other vintage and antique items. The store is located kitty corner to Main Street in Sumner, right next to the train tracks. To visit the store, go to 921 Kincaid Avenue.

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