Maybe you have an artificial Christmas tree tucked in the rafters of your garage that you lug down somewhere just after Thanksgiving, but if you prefer the smell of a fresh Christmas tree, there are many places to get your perfect greenery in Pierce County. Whether you like to go out and hand select the tree of your dreams, or just want to stop by a store or lot to pick one up, or even if you want your tree to come to you – there’s an option for that. Read on to find out your many options for where to buy a Christmas tree in and around Tacoma.

Tacoma Boys

Tacoma Boys is a local shop that sells produce, meat and select specialty grocery items all year round. During the holidays, it’s a great place to buy a Christmas tree. Choose from fresh or flocked Noble firs, Douglas firs, Grand firs, Frasier firs and High Alpine Noble firs. With a location at 5602 6th Avenue in Tacoma and at 901 39th Avenue S.W. in Puyallup, picking up your own tree is relatively convenient, but if you can’t get your tree home, Tacoma Boys also can deliver and even set you tree up for you.


Menefee’s Christmas Trees

Menefee's Christmas Trees
Menefee’s Christmas Trees founder, Lou Menefee, at the 72nd and McKinley location. Photo courtesy: Menefee’s Christmas Trees

You’ll spot Christmas tree lots throughout Pierce County, but if you want one with strong local ties and that’s been in operation for more than 30 years and is owned and operated by a local family. Menefee’s Trees has three lots in the Tacoma area – one at 7032 McKinley Avenue E., one at 1109 S. Union Avenue and one at 7516 Bridgeport Way W. The lots focus on Noble firs, but offer a few varietues of this popular Christmas tree, including both fuller, bushier trees and sparser trees. The advantage of buying from Menefee’s is that their trees are hand selected and delivered weekly so that the trees are always fresh.

Cutting Your Own Tree

For some, a Christmas tree isn’t a proper tree unless they select it themselves, cut it down and carry it home. Fortunately, we live in a part of the country where there is no shortage of evergreens so tree farms are plentiful. Pierce County is no exception with a number of farms in the core of Pierce County. These farms open for the season around Thanksgiving.

Double Four Tree Farm is the closest to the city and so it makes a great choice if you’re short on time, have small children or simply don’t want a long drive. The farm has thousands of trees to choose from on its 22 acres, but also sells fresh-cut trees if you don’t want to cut your own. Trees available include Douglas fir, Grand fir, Nordmann fir and Noble fir. To make the experience a little more special, Double Four also offers free coffee and cider, and hot dogs, chili and hot chocolate are available to buy. The farm is located at 4217 72nd Street E.

Glenwood Farms
Glenwood Tree Farm spans 11 acres and has a focus on natural trees, so you won’t find sheered trees like you will at stores or many lots. Photo courtesy: Glenwood Tree Farm

Glenwood Tree Farm is located at 14716 Bingham Avenue E. and is another option for those who don’t want to drive too far out of town. The farm spans 11 acres and has a focus on natural trees, so you won’t find sheered trees like you will at stores or many lots. You can cut your own, or the staff will cut your fir tree of choice for you. Hot beverages are free or enjoy a sit next to the fire pit to warm up.

Located in Sumner at 7315 166th Avenue E., Harvey’s Harvest Christmas Trees has thousands of trees on its eight acres, including the usual run of fir trees as well as Scotch pines and Colorado Blue spruce, if you seek something a little different. Once you’ve got your tree, kick back around a fire with a cup of hot coffee, cocoa or cider to warm up while the staff bails your tree for you.

Located in Puyallup at 10720 State Route 162 E., Snowshoe Evergreen Choose and Cut serves up plenty of fir trees for the cutting as well as a side of family fun. Shop for wreaths, garlands or mistletoe, but also pick up some local honey or gift items while you’re at it. If you have small children, stop by the Kids Zone where kids can pick out their own table top trees or write a letter to Santa – and if the letter is mailed in the mailbox at the farm, each child will receive a response. You can also pick a pre-cut tree if you don’t want to cut your own, and there’s a full range of concessions available on weekends, including an espresso stand.

Harvey's Harvest
Harvey’s Harvest Christmas Trees has thousands of trees on its eight acres, including the usual run of fir trees as well as Scotch pines and Colorado Blue spruce. Photo courtesy: Harvey’s Harvest

What to Do with Your Tree at the End of the Season

If you have a live tree, then at the end of the season you’ll need to dispose of it. The best way to do this is to treecycle your tree. Note that flocked trees cannot be disposed of as yard waste (or “treecycled”) and are instead disposed of as garbage.

If you have city yard waste service, then you can treecycle right from your own home by removing all decor from the tree and cutting it down so that it fits in your yard waste bin.

If you don’t have a yard waste bin (or if you don’t want to cut the tree down to size to fit in the yard waste bin), then you can take your tree to a transfer station and simply place it in one of the large Dumpsters. If you live outside the City of Tacoma, check with your local municipality to see if there’s a tree disposal service closer to you.

Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer offers a solid, easy choice to pick out a Christmas tree. Any location with a garden center will have ample trees to choose from starting in mid to late November. While you might not get the adventure of choosing your perfect tree from an open field, what you will get are central locations in just about all parts of Pierce County and a strong selection featuring different types of fir trees already bound for transport. Plus, if you’re lacking in lights or decor, you can find those at Fred Meyer too. If you don’t want to drive far or spend too much time in the cold, you can’t go wrong.

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