One of the highlights of summer is getting outside. Whether it’s to play in a park or attend an outdoor concert, after a long winter of rain, being outdoors is greatly appreciated. One of the new outdoor events to add to your calendar is Capital City 3on3. For the first time, basketball enthusiasts can enjoy the game from their chairs on the grounds of the Capitol in Olympia.

This is not your average basketball game. While a usual game of basketball is played with a team of five on a full court, this form is played with only three team members on a half court. These tournaments are especially fun for spectators and players alike as they are faster paced and tend to be more aggressive. Players have more access to the ball than an average game, which allows for more opportunities for athletes to show their skills as well. It’s a great opportunity for athletes to compete while spectators enjoy a spectacular show.

Friends and family can join as a team to compete in the Capital City 3 on 3. Photo credit: 90TENACADEMY

These tournaments have been popping up all over the country as their popularity has grown. In fact, you may have already heard of one in particular. If the name Hoopfest sounds familiar, it’s probably because the world’s largest tournament of this kind is held just on the other side of the mountains in Spokane. The Capital City tournament was inspired by Spokane’s annual competition and is anticipated to follow the same path.

“I had just gotten back from Spokane when the idea of this event happened,” explains Capital City 3on3 co-founder and owner of 90TEN Training Academy, Robin Johnson. “We wanted to partner with Lakefair and bring it to the west side. We talked about modeling it after the Spokane Hoopfest as that is already a very successful event. The Lakefair Committee jumped in to help us right away and is excited to put it on. It’s going to be an awesome addition to Lakefair.”

By partnering with Lakefair, the goal was simple: bring the community together through physical activity and competition. “3on3 basketball is really for all ages and skill levels,” says Johnson. “Starting as young as third grade and reaching all the way through retirement, there will be a division represented for competition. We will also have a family and co-worker division to participate in. After this first year, we would like to expand further and add a kindergarten and Special Olympics division.”

3on3 basketball Lakefair
This tournament is not just about the players but also about the fans that come out to watch.
Photo credit: 90TENACADEMY

The location of this event is really what sets it apart from any other. “Our basketball courts will be set up on the grounds of the Capitol Campus. To be right in the heart of that campus with Lakefair in the background really makes this a unique site.”

Register Now to Join the Fun

Early registration is key for many of this year’s teams. “The cost is $125 per team and registering early is important so we can match teams for competition properly,” explains Johnson. “The pre-registration deadline is June 15. The price increases as we get closer to the tournament. Anyone can get involved to play. You can get your friends, family and co-workers together to make a winning team. It’s going to be a lot of fun!”

While the focus is seemingly on basketball, there is more to this event. “We want the community to come together,” says Johnson. “There is a division for everyone to play in and it’s going to be fun to watch. We hope that this event makes people come together to enjoy the sport and the atmosphere of Lakefair. It’s really about making our community even stronger.”

To register your team, visit the Capital City 3on3 website.


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