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United States Tennis Association Pacific Northwest (USTA PNW) opened the Galbraith Tennis Center on September 4, located at 1680 South Mildred Street in Tacoma. The new facility offers an experience and amenities that are considered industry best and fills a void left by the closure of indoor tennis courts in the area in previous years. Modern tenant improvements, court surfacing and live stream court viewing are just a few of the attractions this facility provides. More information is available at the Galbraith Tennis Center website.

As the Pacific Northwest regional section of the national governing body of the sport of tennis, USTA PNW is dedicated to growing the game of tennis by sustainably expanding tennis infrastructure and play opportunities to all. Galbraith Tennis Center is named in honor of local Tacoma tennis player Patrick Galbraith. Galbraith grew up playing tennis in Tacoma, became the top-ranked world tennis player, and has given back to the tennis community as a volunteer for decades.

“The Galbraith Tennis Center offers an amazing opportunity for the community of Tacoma to play tennis in the very same facility in which I grew up playing. I am so thrilled to be a part of USTA PNW’s effort to keep my hometown playing the sport I love so much,” says Patrick Galbraith, the namesake of the tennis center and former tennis world champion.

Galbraith Tennis Center
The Galbraith Tennis Center today, located at 1680 South Mildred Street in Tacoma. Photo courtesy: Amico PR

USTA PNW’s strategy for providing access includes RecTennis, PNW’s recreational tennis program, tournaments and trainings, fundraising, scholarships and sliding scale entry and now facilities management.

The Pacific Northwest is experiencing a groundswell of interest in tennis, but there is currently only one indoor court for every 26,706 people. When factoring accessibility (public courts only), it’s one court for every 158,868 people. USTA PNW addresses this challenge with the Galbraith Tennis Center.

USTA PNW opened its first facility, The Vancouver Tennis Center, located at 5300 E. 18th Street in Vancouver, Washington, September 3, 2018.

Opening the Vancouver Tennis Center and Galbraith Tennis Center is part of the USTA PNW’s larger mission-based effort to build a sustainable future for tennis in the Pacific Northwest by fostering community spaces in which everyone, regardless of age, economic status and ability levels can play tennis together. More court space allows USTA PNW to welcome and recruit more players in order to continue growing the game of tennis. By offering a best-in-class on court and off court experience, along with robust programming, and need based scholarships these rejuvenated tennis centers will naturally generate more access opportunities to a wider population and will keep both facilities fiscally sound.

USTA PNW General Manager, Facilities Operations and Services, Patrick Dreves sums it up like this: “We don’t need 100 people playing 1,000 hours of tennis; we need 1,000 people playing 100 hours of tennis.”

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