It’s a privilege to live somewhere a fairy feels is beautiful enough to call home as well. The South Sound is fortunate to have a resident fairy artist Amy Brown, which is proof there must be wee folk inhabiting our forests, mountains and fields. Otherwise, where would she get inspiration for her famous paintings?

Working with her brush, pen or marker, Amy feels it’s her calling to portray the fairies, mermaids, dragons and other mystical beings that go unseen by all but a few. Could she be under an enchantment from the fae themselves? Could be. Whatever the reason, this world-renowned artist continues to produce incredibly beautiful pieces of art for fans around the world.

Amy Brown Calendar 2019
Amy’s calendar came signed and quickly sold out. It features a different work of art by the artist for each month. Photo credit: Amy Brown

Watercolor is Amy’s prime medium and it suits the shades and textures we associate with these mythical beings. Her talented touch brings them to life – whether her work is displayed on paper, pillow or pendant – you can feel the spirit of the creatures in them.

Speaking of pendants, big news for Amy Brown fans! “I’ve started making pendants again,” she says when asked what’s new in the fairy realm. Her biggest sellers remain her prints, and there’s news on that front as well. “I’ve just begun releasing limited editions again, but my yearly calendar also does well – it’s my best seller during the holiday season.”

In fact, her 2019 calendar is sold out unfortunately. It’s definitely something to look for next December to ensure you get one yourself.

To make room for everything new, Amy does retire prints each year. “Last year I retired my Halloween and Christmas series and will be starting fresh with new art for those lines this year,” she explains.

Amy Brown Enchanted book collection
One of her new books, “Enchanted,” covers artwork created between 2014 and 2017, including both watercolor and ink drawings. Photo credit: Amy Brown

Also new last year were art books and coloring books, which she sells on Amazon, including Enchanted – a large full-color art book, two books of her ink drawings, two coloring books, a sketch book and a book of Halloween art. “The Halloween book was really fun to put together,” Amy adds. “There is a new oracle deck coming out soon through Blue Angel Publishing and new additions to my figurine line should debut in the few months, I think.”

No surprise she has trouble remembering, the fairy folk are keeping Amy very busy, including a brand-new way to get news, special prints, and chat with Amy Brown herself.

Patrons of the Fairies

For more than 20 years, Amy has been a patron for the fae folk, describing herself as a “Chronicler of the Faery Realm.” Now, you can be her patron, as she has joined Patreon! While Amy tells us it adds a lot to her workload, Amy Brown Patreon is important to her as a way of connecting with fans and giving them a place where they “feel comfortable asking questions and interacting.”

Tiers start at just $1, with $5 a month getting you four downloadable coloring pages a month. For just $15 you will get a signed, Patreon-only print every month. The print is voted on by the members of that tier. All tiers get access to member-only posts, and can ask Amy questions about her work and the fairy folk she represents. While fairies are hard to spot, her new Patreon makes it easier for us mortals to peek inside the fairy realm.

Amy Brown Sketchbook
While she is known best for her watercolors, Amy also does spectacular ink drawings, which can be found in her new ink books, “Enchanted Inks” and “Amy Brown Sketchbook.” Photo credit: Amy Brown

Spotting Fairies

Amy brings her fairy world out with her for public appearances each year, but for 2019 the schedule isn’t definite yet. After all, it’s hard to pin down those fairies and the dragons complain about too much work and not enough jewels. “I don’t have much scheduled at this point,” she explains. “I try to update my ‘appearances’ section on the website as things are finalized. I’ve only signed up for one event so far, but I don’t have any specific dates or venue info yet. I’m sure there will be more, but everything is up in the air at the moment.”

As soon as she gets the dragons in line, she will be sure to let her fans know.

To enter the magical fairy realm, check out Amy Brown’s website, become a Patreon member and follow her on Facebook.

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