There’s a variety of nurseries in Pierce County that can meet your needs. And nurseries aren’t just a place to buy plants. Instead they serve many needs and interests, whether you’re looking to add curb appeal to your home by planting trees or shrubs, want to create a vegetable garden or keep urban chickens, wish to increase privacy and add greenery to your outdoor space, or brighten your home or office with house plants.

oly orthoJade & Co Succulent Boutique

Despite the business name, Jade & Co Succulent Boutique in University Place offers more than just succulents. The boutique also has a variety of house plants, plus fun and diminutive items like DIY terrarium kits, planter dioramas and miniature succulents, and cactus plants. And, for the plant enthusiast who can’t get enough greenery, Jade & Co Succulent also has monthly plant subscription services available.

In addition to plants, there are also workshops and events happening in the space. Some past workshops have included topics such as how to take care of succulents or other house plants and how to make a macramé plant hanger.

Jade & Co Succulent Boutique is located at 6720 Regents Boulevard, Suite 110 in University Place. Find out more by finding the boutique on Facebook, Instagram, visiting their website or by calling 253-320-3588.

Willow Tree Gardens
Willow Tree Gardens in University Place carries dwarf fruit trees, vegetable plants, flowers and shrubs. Photo credit: Amanda Bretz

Wild Thyme Nursery and Landscaping

Wild Thyme Nursery and Landscaping in South Tacoma has a large selection of plants, shrubs, bushes and trees. Some of the types of trees they carry include Japanese maples and assorted flowering varieties such rhododendron bushes and magnolia trees.

The nursery also carries bonsai trees, and bonsai starter trees, which are a smaller, less mature form of bonsai trees. A variety of potted flowers such as hellebore are also available. The nursery sells a variety of garden statues and offers water features you can add to your garden.

Wild Thyme Nursery and Landscaping is located at 4416 S 74th Street. Find them on Facebook or call 253-474-6233.

Portland Ave Nursery
Portland Avenue Nursery has been around for over 30 years, and carries a variety of plants, flowers and trees, in addition to gardening tools and outdoor furniture. Photo credit: Amanda Bretz

Portland Avenue Nursery

Portland Avenue Nursery has been around for over 30 years and this expansive nursery carries a variety of plants, shrubs, trees and flowers. They sell a selection of annual and perennial plants, and flowering plants such as roses, camellia and others. The nursery also carries a variety of herbs, succulents and small potted flowers, as well as gardening supplies, bird baths and outdoor furniture. Because the selection is so vast, this is a great place to stroll for gardening and landscaping ideas.

Portland Avenue Nursery is located at 1409 E 59th Street. Learn more by visiting their website, by finding them on Facebook or call 253-473-0194.

Willow Tree Gardens

Willow Tree Gardens in University Place is smaller, yet mighty. You’ll find dwarf fruit trees such as plum and apple, as well as strawberry and blueberry plants, and vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers. Along with the edible items, there are also shade trees, house plants, flowers and a variety of shrubbery to choose from. Besides the plants, the business also has home decor and gift shop items. Additionally, they also carry gardening tools along with fertilizers and other gardening related products.

Willow Tree Gardens is located at 7216 27th Street W in University Place. Visit them on Facebook or call 253-565-8079 to learn more.

Jade Mountain Nursery
Jade Mountain Nursery carries bamboo between one and three stories tall, making it the perfect plant for adding privacy to your outdoor space. Photo credit: Amanda Bretz

Jade Mountain Nursery

If you’re looking to carve out a secluded outdoor space or create a lush, Asian-themed garden, it’s worth the drive to the quiet neighborhood in East Tacoma where you’ll find Jade Mountain Nursery. The nursery carries a variety of bamboo that’s between one and three stories in height, which makes it the perfect plant for adding privacy to your outdoor space.

Besides bamboo, the nursery carries Japanese maple trees, hardy tropical plants, ornamental grasses and more. They have a large selection of garden stone decor, to transform any size, or type, of outdoor space into a sanctuary. And you’ll find small bonsai plants, rain chains and bamboo water features at the nursery.

Jade Mountain Nursery is located at 5020 116th Street E in Tacoma. Learn more by visiting their website or calling 253-548-1129.

GardenSphere Nursery

Located in Tacoma’s Proctor Neighborhood, GardenSphere Nursery carries a variety of fruit trees, house plants, flowers, berry plants and vine fruits like currants and grapes.

Besides plants and trees, the business is a place to purchase baby chicks. If you’re ready to begin with a flock of urban chickens or just want to learn more about them, GardenSphere has you covered. The business has a Chickens 101 class, which they offer for free, in partnership with Tacoma Envirohouse.

GardenSphere Nursery is located at 3310 North Proctor. Find more information on their website, Twitter, Facebook or by calling 253-761-7936.

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