As word about Boggs Inspection Services spreads, Dwayne Boggs and his team work hard to ensure no customer call goes unanswered. That’s why Dwayne has recently added two new members to his team, with more to come later this year. Last month, the Boggs team welcomed Mike Wright and Robin Wilson, who finished up their training and will be heading out on their own to inspect homes throughout the area. 

During their initial training, Boggs Inspection Services team members participate in anywhere between 100 and 200 home inspections, shadowing a veteran home inspector, learning the routine and how to look at homes with a discerning eye. “We have the most rigorous in-house training of any inspection service in the area,” says Dwayne. And like all other inspectors, Boggs inspectors must also go through the state mandated training and test as well.

New Team Members Mike Wright Getting to Work
Ready to get to work, Mike has a keen eye for detail. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services

Knowledge and experience are what give good inspectors their edge. The initial training period and focused training sessions throughout the year give Boggs team members the knowledge they need to identify problems. Time in the field, both with an experienced inspector and on their own, hones a new inspector’s eye for detail and provides experience to identify any areas of concern that a property owner or potential buyer should know about.

Mike Wright

“I’ve lived in a lot of homes, both as a renter and an owner, “says Mike, “and I’ve been through the home buying and selling process a lot.” After a 30-year career in the military, where he moved 18 different times, Mike retired as a colonel. It was then he decided it was time for something different than military service, but he knew he still wanted to help people.  

“It means a lot to me to help military families when I do home inspections,” Mike says. Sometimes military families make their home purchase sight unseen when moving to a new duty location. “They need to know that someone has their back and is looking out for them when they are making a big purchase like this,” he adds.

Beyond home inspections, Mike loves working on his old World War II jeep. He makes his own beer and spends a lot of time outdoors snow skiing and kayaking. He has a wife and three daughters, two of whom are following his path into the military.

Boggs Inspection Services New Team Members
Robin and his high school sweetheart Kate met when they went to school in Tenino. They love to travel, especially to their other home in Arizona. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services

Robin Wilson

Robin also decided it was time for a career change. After an early retirement, Robin knew he still wanted to spend some time working somewhere he could help people, but also with the schedule flexibility that was important to him. He also likes the variety and change of scenery that comes with meeting new people and inspecting a different home every day.

“The more you look at homes, the more you start to notice the important details,” says Robin, “All of a sudden it all starts to pop out at you.” Boggs inspectors go from room to room, top to bottom, following a routine, which helps ensure that nothing is missed in their inspections. “You can’t know exactly what happened in a home, but you can help the customer see areas where the home might need some extra attention, so they can make an educated decision about the work the home needs,” he says.

Robin Wilson Mariners
Robin Wilson is a big Mariners fan, and he spends lots of time in Arizona, helping out at spring training. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services

Robin likes to split his time between the Pacific Northwest and a home in Arizona where he and his high school sweetheart, now wife, Kate, can enjoy the sunshine and warm weather in the winter months. Robin also likes to volunteer for the Seattle Mariners during spring training. He also enjoys working on cars.

Both Mike and Robin are excited to start helping customers by using their trained eyes to take a look at homes and properties around the South Sound. If you are located in Thurston, Pierce, Mason, Lewis, Grays Harbor, or surrounding areas and you want a well-trained home inspector to take a look at your home or building and surrounding property, give the Boggs Inspection Services team a call at 360-480-9602 or schedule an inspection online on the Boggs Inspection Services website.