Unlike its neighbor to the north, Tacoma doesn’t have a wide-spread reputation for being a coffee hub, but maybe that’s because we Tacomans are great at keeping secrets. Grit City is bursting with coffee shops – big and small, new and familiar – located downtown and throughout the city. Here are a few worth trying out.

Lander Coffee

Lander Coffee opened in August 2019, and it’s the newest spot to grab a cup of joe in Tacoma. This neighborhood shop is cozy yet has a bright, airy vibe to it, thanks to the minimalist decor and light-filled space. Brought to you by the owners of State Street Beer, they bring their 10 plus years of specialty coffee experience to their newest business venture. The establishment serves espresso and drip coffee along with select tea drinks, and a variety of pastries.

Lander Coffee is located at 2716 N 21st Street. To find out more visit their website, or find them on Instagram.

Bostwick Cafe

Bostwick Cafe
Bostwick Cafe in downtown Tacoma offers expansive views of some of Tacoma’s most iconic structures, such as theaters Pantages and Rialto as you enjoy your favorite brew. Photo credit: Amanda Bretz

Located inside a flat iron-style building at the intersection of 9th Street and Broadway, the Bostwick Cafe opened shortly after the Tully’s that was previously housed there went out of business. The building is on Tacoma’s Register of Historic Places, with ample windows and plenty of cozy seating that offers opportunities to take in the sights of some of Tacoma’s most iconic structures, such as theaters Pantages and Rialto as you enjoy your favorite brew. The cafe serves espresso beverages as well as drip coffee, tea and hot cocoa. There’s also a selection of quiche, cookies and coffee cakes to go along with your beverage of choice.

Bostwick Cafe is located at 764 Broadway, find out more by calling 253-292-1569 or visiting them on Facebook.

Valhalla Coffee Co.

In Norse mythology, the idea of a magnificent, heavenly place for warriors is known as Valhalla. In Tacoma, Valhalla Coffee Co. is heaven on earth for coffee lovers. Located on Tacoma’s popular 6th Avenue, this coffee shop sells their coffee by the cup or the pound. They serve and sell bags of espresso and drip coffee, in a variety of roasts and blends.

Valhalla Coffee is located at 3918 6th Avenue. Learn more by calling 253-761-5116 or visiting their website or finding them on Facebook and Instagram.

Lift Bridge

Lift Bridge Coffee
Lift Bridge Coffee is located inside the lobby area of the old post office building, also known as Court House Square. Photo credit: Amanda Bretz

Lift Bridge is a must-visit for anyone who loves good coffee and historic architecture. Lift Bridge is located inside the old Post Office building in downtown Tacoma, better known as Court House Square. Enjoy your coffee while you admire the vast ceiling and mahogany woodwork inside the space. There’s a variety of coffee drinks, including a rotation of specials that change seasonally, along with a selection of pastries and other sweet treats.

Lift Bridge is located at 1102 A Street and can be found on Facebook or Instagram.

Manifesto Coffee

Manifesto Coffee opened in Tacoma’s Hilltop neighborhood in the fall of 2016, and has built a strong customer base in its relatively short time in business. The interior is inviting and there’s space to work, read or talk with a friend over coffee. The shop offers a minimalist menu of espresso drinks that feature syrups that don’t overpower the flavor of their coffee that’s roasted on-site.

Manifesto Coffee is located at 1003 S 11th Street. Visit their website, call them at 360-775-9834, or find them on Instagram or Facebook.

Bertolino’s Espresso Bar

Bertolino’s Espresso Bar is open 24-hours a day and serves coffee drinks, plus gluten free items and healthier options like the peanut butter oatmeal bar pictured here. Photo credit: Amanda Bretz

Bertolino’s Espresso Bar is located in Central Tacoma near Target and is open 24 hours a day. Here you’ll find a selection of espresso drinks, drip coffee, tea and a variety of things to eat. There are sweets to dunk in your java like biscotti and cookies, as well as light snacks. The establishment also offers a selection of gluten-free goodies such as breads and muffins.

Bertolino’s Espresso Bar is located at 2421 S Union Avenue. To find out more call 253-370-9517 visit their website or find them on Facebook.

Where to Get Coffee on the Go:

Sometimes you just need a coffee fix and you don’t have time to sit in a coffee shop and savor your brew. Luckily, Tacoma has a variety of places to grab a great cup of coffee while you’re on the go.

Coffeezaun Espresso

This drive-thru coffee stand on N Pearl serves a selection of espresso drinks, drip coffee and baked goodies. Coffeezaun is located at 4518 North Pearl Street, find out more by following them on Facebook.

North Slope Coffee House

Located just outside the entrance to the Stadium Thriftway, North Slope Coffee House offers coffee to those in a hurry in the Stadium neighborhood. At this walk-up coffee stand, you can get your espresso drink hot or iced, drip coffee in a variety of roasts along with seasonal speciality drinks. North Slope Coffee House is located 618 N 1st Street, find them on Facebook to learn more.

Valiente Coffee Company

Valiente Coffee Company is a drive-thru coffee stand in Tacoma’s Hilltop neighborhood. They serve espresso and other coffee drinks, plus tea and a variety of baked goods made by Corina Bakery. Valiente Coffee is located at 1901 Martin Luther King Jr. Way. Learn more by calling 253-468-4233, or find them on Facebook.

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