Submitted by Helping Hands in Washington

Helping Hands in Washington was created to increase connectivity during this COVID-19 Pandemic. This public health crisis has required social-distancing through physical isolation. The goal of the group is to make sure that no one faces this isolation alone. The group believes that the key to success is the ability to create a network of Washington citizens. The group believes that power is in numbers.

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What They Do

The founders have already and very personally felt the ripple of this pandemic. They created the group to stand strong in the face of the tsunami coming ashore. The purpose is to connect people with what they need. Whether that is food, a job, employees, deliveries or pickups, referrals, they want this Facebook group to be a space for making and meeting requests. They’ve mobilized with volunteers and big hearts. The group is staffed daily and local needs are already being met.

What They Don’t Do

They aren’t a dating site. They don’t debate. They don’t talk politics, theories or rumors; though they may post reputable news links that share public policy status and changes at the local and federal levels.

The group is a public group where people should feel free to post anything relating to Covid-19: supplies, announcements, offers of service, needs.

It’s a wholesome page about just being respectful, compassionate and loving human being. Period.

The page has topics and they ask posters to post in the appropriate topical area, but if you don’t know how, the moderators will pin it in the appropriate spot. Their current topics include: Services Offered, Immediate Needs, City Updates, State Updates, Volunteering and Donating.

It is amazing how fast this group is growing and even more amazing how many connections amidst isolation that they’ve made in one short week. As of this writing, there are over 2900 members and they’ve met over 200 requests met. It’s humbling to see the level of compassion and care in the Puget Sound. 

If you’d like to join Helping Hands in Washington, follow their Facebook page.

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