Now more than ever, employers are more relaxed when it comes to employees working from home and have realized, thanks in part to the COVID-19 pandemic, that efficiency can still be at an all-time high even from a remote setting. But, we also all know how tiresome a home office can be. A change of scenery, with a break from the barking dog and kids trying to do schoolwork from home too, can make work less stressful. If you’re able to work remotely, consider taking a telecommuting day trip to Grays Harbor.

Telecommuting Grays Harbor
Spend the day telecommuting in Grays Harbor and changing up your work from home setting.

A recent US News poll found that most of those currently working remotely still prefer to work from home even as restrictions lift and the pandemic subsides. Employers are also now more flexible when it comes to these wishes so that employees, as long as productivity remains the same, are allowed to work from anywhere their heart desires

Of course, telecommuting most likely means that WiFi is an essential element to the gig. Luckily, Grays Harbor offers ample places for both locals and visitors to connect into and complete their work. Coffee shops are always a huge hit for comfortable locations to settle in for a few hours with a cup of joe in hand and finish some projects. A few local favorites with reliable WiFi connection include Brass Hub Coffeebar in Cosmopolis, Tinderbox Roasters in downtown Aberdeen, both Starbucks locations in Aberdeen and Elma, and Ocean Beach Roasters in Ocean Shores. A complete list of dining locations, including coffee shops, can be found at Discover Grays Harbor’s dining guide, but be sure to contact your intended business prior for WiFi inquiries and hours. For those looking to work from the comfort of their car, utilize the City of Montesano’s free WiFi that spans the length of their downtown corridor.

There’s always the option of working using cellular data and creating a mobile hotspot to connect a laptop to. While this isn’t ideal if your cellphone plan doesn’t offer unlimited data, it’s always an alternative if you’re in need of busting out a project in a time crunch.

Telecommuting Grays Harbor
Settle in and wrap up your telecommuting work at one of the many coffee shops in Grays Harbor.

While some may only have a couple of hours’ worth of work to complete while visiting the Washington Coast, others may need more time to wrap up their work and desire a quiet setting. This is where the many Timberland Library’s in the county come in handy. Stop into the Aberdeen, Oakville, Amanda Park, Elma, Hoquiam, McCleary, Montesano, North River or Westport Timberland Library, or the Ocean Shores Public Library. All of these settings are designed for productivity and are certain to help put visitors in the right frame of mind to finish their work before setting out to explore. Be sure to check for open dates and hours as they vary between each library.

After finishing your telecommuting work for the day, it’s time to head out and experience all that Grays Harbor has to offer. In east county there miles of trails ideal for mountain biking and getting active, as well as peaceful corners to unwind such as the tranquil Lake Sylvia State Park and Schafer State Park. In the port cities comprised of Aberdeen, Hoquiam and Cosmopolis, visit one of the local breweries and restaurants, stroll past or drive by the historic homes built by timber barons over a century ago, or even visit the historic Lady Washington during her public viewing days in the summer months.

Telecommuting Grays Harbor
After telecommuting for the day in Grays Harbor, fully unplug during a stroll along the sandy beach. Photo credit: Seanna Sweeney

Other options for exploration after concluding a day’s work include visiting the many beach communities that are dotted along the coast. Comb the beach for seashells to commemorate your trip or fly a kite in the windy skies near the roaring Pacific Ocean. For the more adventurous type, surf the waves, kayak, or head out with a local fishing guide to experience the fresh waterways and rivers or even book a whale watching excursion in the spring or a fishing voyage on the high seas. The other portion of the county to consider after a busy day clocking into work is the peaceful Quinault Rainforest. Located roughly one hour from Hoquiam, this corner of Grays Harbor is nestled deep among towering trees and near the glacier-carved Lake Quinault. This is the ultimate place to unplug after your day and will remind you how wonderful telecommuting can really be.

If you want to turn your day trip into a working vacation, there are plenty of opportunities to book overnight accommodations including condo rentals just steps from the beach, hotels surrounded by forested trails, and much more that can be viewed in the Discover Grays Harbor lodging guide. No matter how you spend your telecommuting time in Grays Harbor, you’re sure to leave feeling grateful for some out of office time in this beautiful area.


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