Finding your first, next or forever home takes time. From deciding on must-haves to getting financially prepared, house hunting, inspections and paperwork, it’s quite a journey. Having skilled, knowledgeable, supportive partners along the way can make all the difference. Windermere Real Estate’s Anders Ibsen is always ready to help you buy and sell your Northwest dream home.

Boggs Anders Ibsen
Anders Ibsen can help buy or sell your first, next or forever home. He specializes in military relocations, condos and properties in Pierce and Thurston counties. Photo courtesy: Anders Ibsen

The managing broker on his team, Ibsen works with military relocations or VA transactions, folks wanting to expand their real estate footprint, and those looking to buy or sell single-family homes and condos in our region. He serves families up and down the I-5 corridor, primarily in Pierce and Thurston counties. But as with most in the industry, he’s done a little bit of everything.

In today’s red-hot market, Ibsen understands that: “Most buyers have a couple of anxieties: overpaying and missing out. But you really have to consider what you’re missing out on now by waiting.”

“Renting makes your landlord rich when you could be gaining equity with the same monthly payment through a fixed-rate mortgage,” Ibsen shares. “Inflation may be high, but real estate is historically a hedge against inflation. Think strategically and long-term because a $2,000 mortgage payment today, that stays the same unlike your monthly rent payment, is significantly more affordable in real dollars even a few years later.”

Anyone in the real estate market has heard about the importance of getting a lender pre-approval when looking to purchase a home. “It is advisable to have pre-approval in advance,” says Ibsen, “and we can refer you to mortgage lenders who specialize in first-time borrowers, investors or VA loans because the choice of lender has a significant impact on competitiveness. Put yourself in the sellers’ shoes. Sellers want the highest net proceeds as well as the certainty of performance. Basically: can the deal close?”

Boggs Anders Ibsen
Through pairing with local partners, Ibsen and his team understand today’s hot market. Photo courtesy: Anders Ibsen

We’ve all seen ads for nationwide mortgage clearinghouses who promise rapid results. “Some discount lenders are hard to work with,” cautions Ibsen. “There are different levels of pre-approval. The industry standard is to get a pre-approval letter, but you still need the underwriting process to verify financials, and that takes time. A great local lender can get underwritten pre-approval where the loan is fully completed on the front end.  From a seller’s perspective, it’s almost as good as a cash offer.”

Nationally, the increase in interest rates is softening the market, says Ibsen. “The market changed almost overnight when rates went up. Listings are taking a little longer to sell and there have been fewer bidding wars so it’s a great opportunity with less competition.”

Condominiums are also regaining popularity. “Like most real estate, there’s more demand than supply but they’re still affordable so I’m seeing an uptick in condo marketability. “To set yourself up for success,” says Ibsen, “buyers should use a good, reputable lender, find a good agent who understands you to help establish your goals and objectives and get your ducks in a row financially.

Boggs Anders Ibsen
With Windermere since day one of his real estate career, Ibsen is also a licensed home appraiser. Photo courtesy: Anders Ibsen

Ibsen’s business has been with Windermere since day one and is evenly split between buyers and sellers. Though sales numbers are strong—he moved 61 properties last year at an average of 6 days on the market for 103% of the list price—he’s proudest that 40% of his clients last year were either repeat customers or referrals from happy clients.

“We communicate well, provide quality service, and invest in long-term relationships. I don’t just drop you after I get paid,” says Ibsen. He appreciates working with local businesses like Boggs for the same reasons. “They’re well prepared. Working with trusted local operators provides tremendous peace of mind for buyers and sellers.”

You can contact Ibsen through his website, at or by calling 253.370.0201. While online, read through his informative blog with topics ranging from how the Ukraine war impacts the housing market to updating your home for little out-of-pocket cost. Find updates and information on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well. And when the time comes for that home inspection, contact Boggs Inspection Services for a comprehensive look at your future home, or a pre-listing check of your current property. “Who you work with matters, and we appreciate the care and professionalism that Anders has when working with his clients and our team,” says Dwayne Boggs.