How does your body feel these days? Are you sore from yard work? Tight in the neck from hunching over a screen? Stiff each morning from who knows what? Life challenges your body on a daily basis. Dr. Shamika Cordis, owner of Phoenix Rising Wellness Center, knows your aches and pains. Adding chiropractic care into your life can make a significant improvement. She thrives on helping people live a more comfortable life.

Phoenix Rising Wellness Center
Dr. Shamika Cordis is trained to provide chiropractic care to children as well as adults in both the Olympia and Lakewood locations. Photo courtesy: Phoenix Rising Wellness Center

“Yard work soreness is a number one issue now in shoulders, backs and wrists,” says Cordis. Paying attention to your body can help it recover faster and last longer, no matter what your age. People are looking for nonpharmacological options, which means treating issues without the use of drugs. Chiropractic care is drug-free. Phoenix Wellness Centers, in both Olympia and Lakewood, are taking appointments for all ages.

People may think that a chiropractor cracks bones or wrenches your neck. It’s time to update your vision. Cordis has worked with babies to octogenarians. Every session is individualized to suit the particular needs of each practice member.

A new mom came in with her four-week-old baby who was having difficulty latching on one side for breastfeeding. Of course, the infant did not verbalize a complaint, but clearly, there was a problem. “I used my finger on the upper cervical,” explains Dr. Cordis. This slow, gentle technique on the neck area of the spine created the space so the baby can now feed from both sides. Such a result was satisfying for everyone.

Aging brings with it its own challenges. Stiff joints are common. People with arthritis, osteoporosis or those having had surgeries may be concerned that any chiropractic treatment would be dangerous or inflame already challenged joints. That is why the first appointment begins with a conversation to initially put words to what the body is experiencing. She listens.

Cordis is comfortable working with older people. An 80-year-old came in with pain down both legs. Another issue was difficulty in rotating her head. A delicate treatment was possible to ease the discomfort throughout her body. She was able to lie down, but sometimes people cannot. They can be treated sitting up.

Phoenix Rising Wellness Center
Chiropractic care treatments at Phoenix Rising Wellness are individualized for age, issue and all other concerns. Photo courtesy: Phoenix Rising Wellness Center

One tool used by Phoenix Wellness is the activator method, which uses a quick, low-force impulse to spinal joints with the aim of restoring motion to the targeted joint. It is a gentle technique used on specific places. The feeling on the body is subtle. The benefits of the activator have been backed by clinical trials.

“It’s painful when you can’t do things,” says Cordis. She is trained in Logan Basic, a system of body mechanics with special emphasis on pelvic and spinal distortions. It is a light-force, full spine adjusting procedure. It includes the study of chiropractic management in pregnancy, pediatric care and chronic spinal conditions.

She also uses ART, active release techniques, a non-invasive treatment system to locate and promptly resolve soft-tissue disorders. This might be a path than resolves pain and eases restriction on movements and eliminates the need for surgery.  People with strains, sprains, or other musculoskeletal issues could find results in a handful of sessions. Even without touching the actual joint, treating the areas around it can make a big difference.

Chiropractic visits can enhance sports performance beyond treating injuries. Improving body symmetry can enhance an athlete’s overall performance. Cordis would be happy to talk with you about optimizing the use of your body in your life. There are many treatments within the scope of a chiropractor’s care.

Phoenix Rising Wellness Center
You and your loved ones can optimize your flexibility, reduce pain and increase mobility with chiropractic care from Dr. Cordis of Phoenix Rising Wellness Center. Photo courtesy: Phoenix Rising Wellness Center

Some people are reluctant to do multiple types of treatment at the same time. There are many different modalities,” says Cordis, adding, “They all have a separate place and work well together.” A massage, a hot tub or sauna can work well with chiropractic care. In fact, Phoenix Rising has a Licensed Massage Therapist in the office. You might find treatments to be synergetic when they happen in proximity to each other. Give yourself the gift of self-care. Cordis includes massage, acupuncture, playing tennis and softball in her regular activities.

“I do like helping people,” says Cordis. She advises that consistency with chiropractic and self-care is the best recipe for success. Her enthusiasm for improving your overall wellness is contagious. You might suffer with headaches, lack of range of motion or stiffness. “When your body is not moving the right way, you feel it,” she adds. She is also trained to practice chiropractic care on animals. We all want to feel good. Phoenix Rising has two locations to better serve you. You can find much more information on the Phoenix Rising website.

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