Though the real estate market is finally slowing down to a more balanced pace, the process of buying or selling a home can be daunting. It’s almost like learning a new language, with words like escrow, DTI, iBuyer and End of Serviceable Life. The experts at Boggs Inspection Services can help see beneath pretty staging and determine if a home is safe, secure and won’t become a money pit down the road. They’re happy to help with the biggest sale or purchase many of us will make in our lifetime.

Boggs Inspection Services
Boggs Inspection Services has seen real estate trends soar and fall. They want your next buying or selling adventure to be safe and problem-free thanks to a home inspection. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services

Boggs Advises Homebuyers: Don’t Skip the Home Inspection

While the market is finally cooling down, it’s still well above normal. For a time, buyer’s fear of missing out meant they were happy to skip steps, forego repairs or even let current owners rent back the property until they’d found a new home. But Boggs Inspection Services team member Heather Derrick reminds us that inspections are the buyer’s one opportunity to understand the true condition of a home before purchasing. “It’s a huge investment so a buyer should feel confident in understanding what they are purchasing,” she says.

Their team advises clients of several key factors:

  • Never waive an inspection.
  • Understand there is no perfect house or inspection.
  • Read the report and ask lots of questions.
  • If you requested repairs after your inspection, request documentation to prove completion of those repairs.
  • Be open to negotiations.

Boggs inspectors are happy to have the prospective buyer tag along during the tour. They’ll explain exactly what they’re looking for at each step of the process. “But at the very least,” says Derrick, “the inspector will give an overview at the end of the inspection and is available for any questions or concerns that may come up later.”

Boggs Inspection Services
It’s tempting to skip home inspections and just close the deal, but Boggs professionals know exactly where to look for trouble spots and potential problems. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services

Home Inspections Aren’t a Pass/Fail Test

Home repairs are like preventive doctor visits: easier, cheaper and safer before problems arise. Home inspections aren’t a pass/fail process but more an assessment of conditions at that point in time. “The inspector will not determine whether the client should purchase the property or not,” says George Green, “Instead, anything that comes up in the report is then weighed by the client and their agent to determine whether or not they want to proceed with the real estate transaction.”

With older homes, like many in our area, it’s also tempting to assume that if a system has lasted this long, it must be safe. “Some people think that just because the home has an old electrical system, for example, and nothing has happened yet, then it’s not an issue,” says Green. “That’s not a safe way to approach this. Electrical systems can fail anytime, and when it’s determined that the system is very old, it has a much higher chance of something going wrong. It is always important to have a professional electrician evaluate the system if the inspector finds defective issues.”

Boggs Inspection Services
Problems are quicker, easier and cheaper to fix before systems fail, so knowing what’s going on saves buyers and sellers thousands down the line. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services

Boggs Helps You Understand Your Home’s Inspection Report

At Boggs, they offer a sample report on their website so families can familiarize themselves with the formatting. Derrick explains that their reports are broken down into categories so buyers can come up with a game plan to tackle issues because safety concerns are always a priority. Should there be a problem, they’re also happy to recommend contractors or vendors in dozens of categories for homeowners in Thurston and Pierce counties.

Green says their company is seeing several new trends when it comes to inspections. “More people are requesting sewer scopes of the main waste lines for old homes,” he says. “These are important since the repair on certain types of defects can be thousands of dollars. Also, inspections by owners who just want to know what is going on with their homes, outside of real estate transactions.”

Boggs Inspection Services
Whether pre-listing inspection, as part of the home buying process, or to make sure there aren’t problems hiding just below the surface of your forever home, let Boggs help. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services

Sellers are also opting to have pre-listing inspections done before listing their property, so no surprises pop up down the road. Otherwise, potential buyers can bring in their own team even before things are formalized. “If the seller agrees, a buyer could do a pre-offer inspection. It is not a full inspection, but it is much better than skipping an inspection altogether. Pre-offer inspections were more popular earlier this year and last year when the market was super competitive.”

To schedule an inspection, call 360.480.9602 or schedule online today. Or follow Boggs on Facebook for tips, tricks and handy advice. With nearly 20 years of experience, they’ve followed markets, trends and seen it all. Let them literally walk you through the ups and downs, ins and outs of your forever home.