Professional pride and satisfaction are two things we all hope to achieve in our chosen careers. For 95% of surveyed members at the Women’s Council of Realtors, these go hand in hand every day. The Women’s Council was founded in 1938 to embrace networking, education and camaraderie. 2023’s Local President, Elizabeth Foster, is proud of the work they do and the partnerships they’ve built over nearly 100 years and looks forward to many more.

National Women’s Council of Realtors
Elizabeth Foster, of Windermere Chambers Bay, is the 2023 Local President of the Women’s Council of Realtors group. Photo credit: Elizabeth Foster

Thurston and Pierce Counties Realtors Working Together for a Shared Future

The Women’s Council believes in education, leadership, branding, benefits and increasing income by working together. They fundraise, network, share resources and lift each other up in a fast-paced industry that changes nearly every day. And it pays off. Though the Women’s Council may be only 1% of all National Association of Realtors (NAR) members, its participants constitute 30% of NAR’s board of directors, and Council members’ median income is typically double that of others.

Foster, a realtor at Windermere Chambers Bay, was invited to her first Women’s Council meeting in 2019 by then-president Jennifer Hawkins. “I loved the energy,” recalls Foster, “and being in a room full of successful professionals. It’s such a special environment in a sense that direct industry competitors leave that at the door and happily empower each other to grow.”

Her local group, based in Tacoma,  hosts events monthly, typically every second Wednesday. Speakers and topics are directed toward building and expanding business, market trends, industry changes and ways to support each other.

National Women’s Council of Realtors
Since 1938, the Women’s Council has welcomed women in the real estate industry to expand their business and grow by working together. Photo courtesy: National Women’s Council of Realtors

Real Estate Professionals Committed to Success

Whether you follow the real estate industry or not, it’s been hard to miss the ups and downs of the last few years. Foster says that even realtors need to take a minute, pause, catch their breath and reflect. “Given the volatility in the market in recent times, I feel this year, more than ever, professionals need to be surrounding themselves with others who are committed to success and serving their clients to the highest level possible,” she says. “I feel that this year more than ever, professionals need to be surrounding themselves with others who are committed to success and serving their clients to the highest level possible.”

Watching the news is as much of a roller coaster ride for realtors as it has been for the rest of us. “The headlines can be scary,” agrees Foster, “but learning the actual stats and predictions from the industry experts that we bring in is the best way to be armed with the most accurate information that will help our clients be able to make the most educated decisions for their futures.”

For buyers and sellers, she also recommends continuing education and a level head. “My biggest hope is that people remain positive and continue to look for solutions to any obstacle standing in the way of their real estate needs,” says Foster. “Ignore the clickbait articles and follow actual economists from the industry. I believe that rates continue to improve and that the market sustains a healthy balanced state for both buyers and sellers.”

National Women’s Council of Realtors
The National Women’s Council of Realtors works together on education, networking, and lifting each other up in a chaotic industry. Photo courtesy: National Women’s Council of Realtors

Partnership: Boggs Inspection Services

In any industry, success comes through partnerships. Working together shares the load and expands the impact. At Boggs Inspection Services, owner Dwayne Boggs is a big fan of Foster and the organization. “We admire the Women’s Council of Realtors, the amazing support they have given us, and their continued contribution to the community. We look forward to the collaboration and feel we are creating a rewarding partnership for years to come. Working with their team is precisely what successful business collaboration means to us.”

One such Council contribution happened just last year. Foster explains that through dedicated effort, their members and sponsors raised enough money to gift a trained service dog to a local female veteran in need. She invites anyone interested in learning more to attend future events and meet this powerful group of women.

To learn more about the Women’s Council of Realtors, visit their website for network information and upcoming events. Locally, Foster and the Tacoma Pierce Women’s Council welcome visitors to their meetings. Check out their Facebook page for details and local member spotlights.

National Women’s Council of Realtors
Consider attending an event courtesy of the Tacoma Pierce Women’s Council, where everyone is welcome. Photo courtesy: National Women’s Council of Realtors

Looking to buy or sell your first, next or forever home? Check out Foster’s personal list of recently sold properties, or search the Windermere database for your dream house. Then give her office a call at 253.565.1121 or email and start tackling all your real estate needs.

Foster is also happy to share more about the Women’s Council of Realtors and how they can help your career progress to the next step. Whether considering a transfer into the industry or wanting to grow and kick things up a level, Foster will gladly answer questions and put you on the road to success in 2023. A caring community is just around the corner.