Redfin’s Abbie Andersen Knows Real Estate From the Ground Up

When buying or selling a home, it’s easy to focus on curb appeal. The little eye-catching details that make you fall in love with a property are important, but there’s so much more below – and above – the surface. When building, buying or selling, it’s vital to work with a team who can assess the attic, roof and complicated internal components. With more than 20 years of homebuilding experience, Redfin agent Abbie Andersen and industry partner Boggs Inspection Services know exactly what to look for so your next home is perfect and drama free.

Boggs Inspection Services
Redfin agent Abbie Andersen partners with local businesses like Boggs Inspection Services for top-quality reports and customer service. Photo courtesy: Abbie Andersen

Redfin Agent Abbie Andersen Has Extensive Construction Experience

A New York native, Andersen worked her way west after college. She started in medical sales before switching career paths to join her husband and open Andersen Homes. Together Mike and Abbie have more than two decades of experience and understand the many ins and outs of custom homebuilding.

In the real estate world, Andersen specializes in residential home and land sales and finds her construction background very helpful to buyers. “Especially when assessing possibilities for renovations or remodeling and for identifying land that would be easily developed versus land that would be challenging and costly,” she says.

When not working, the Andersen’s – mom, dad, two daughters and two dogs – enjoy boating on Hood Canal, hiking, skiing, and golfing at the Alderbrook Golf and Yacht Club.

Boggs Inspection Services
Andersen has extensive knowledge of real estate, home building and custom designs. Photo courtesy: Abbie Andersen

Home Buying, Selling, Building and Renovating in Today’s Hot Market

Relocating military buyers kept our local market robust over the spring. But Andersen says recent slowdowns are likely a combination of increasing interest rates and an uncertain political environment. “I think the market slowdown is localized and just a temporary response to current events,” she explains. “We still have more buyers relocating to the Pacific Northwest than we have homes to accommodate them, and we still have a stable economic workplace with ample opportunities. With climate change variables, the Pacific Northwest is highly desirable. All these factors will keep our housing market stable with an expectation of a robust return once interest rates stabilize.”

Andersen explains that today’s low inventory means sellers have been very fortunate over the last few years. “Fortunately for buyers, though, it’s becoming more balanced now, even with the low inventory,” says Andersen. “Many traditional buyers and sellers have a cautious wait-and-see outlook, and even the rental market is challenging. Renters are transitioning to homeownership easier now than previously, regardless of the high-interest rate. The competition is minimal, and they can work with their agents to negotiate a better deal. Even with higher interest rates, workarounds are in place. Between negotiating down the purchase price or asking the sellers to contribute to closing costs, previous renters are able to buy down their interest rate and experience the benefits of homeownership.”

Pierce County Land and Custom Home Construction

Building your dream home feels like something only the ultra-rich can accomplish, but Andersen says it’s not out of reach. As with existing homes, inventory is low, and supply chain disruptions still exist. “But building custom homes tends to be a great fit for experienced buyers who have had the time to build up equity from homeownership and transfer that into exactly what they’ve always dreamed of.”

Boggs Inspection Services
Whether buying, selling or building, Redfin’s Abbie Andersen can help you at each step of the process. And don’t forget a home inspection by Bogg’s for peace of mind! Photo courtesy: Abbie Andersen

Don’t Forget the Home Inspection

But whatever you choose, never skip a pre-inspection from a trusted, experienced company like Boggs. “It gives sellers the opportunity to tidy up loose ends and generally leads to a smoother transaction,” says Andersen. “Similarly, I always recommend inspections to my Buyers as well. It’s a huge investment and an unnecessary risk to waive. It’s important that homeownership starts with peace of mind that the home has been well maintained and in acceptable condition based on each buyer’s individual expectations. Boggs has been my go-to for inspections. They have detailed reports, and their inspectors are knowledgeable, thorough and communicate well with both buyers and sellers.”

Owner Dwayne Boggs appreciates agents like Andersen as well. “We greatly value our working relationship with Abbie and enjoy assisting her clients with their home inspections,” he shares. “It is fulfilling to work alongside her to ensure her clients have a smooth and stress-free experience during the home-buying process.”

To reach Abbie Andersen for your next home sale or purchase, call or text 253.316.8506 or send her a message online. Find past and present listings or and a map of her service areas to start the process for your family. Whether building or buying, up- or down-sizing, she’s happy to work towards finding your own happily-ever-after property.

And when you’ve found the perfect place, call Boggs Inspection Services at 360.480.9602 for a thorough home inspection.


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